Friday, February 3, 2012

For Valentine's This Year...

I expect turquoise boxes with overpriced and mediocre heart shaped jewelry inside.

I expect soft stuffed animals with red hearts, along with red roses, chocolate, and mylar heart balloons.

I expect lots of glitter, tissue paper, and poems from the heart.

I expect bubbly drinks, fancy dessert, and elaborately thoughtful expressions of love.

I expect all of this because that's what Facebook, Pinterest, and the television tell me.

Can you tell I'm still not a fan of Valentine's Day despite being happily married?  What used to be S.A.D. (single awareness day) is now just S. A. D. (such a dud).  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it reminds us the meaning of love, to be grateful for love, and to love love love... but ultimately, the historical objective of Valentine's Day was just to make more money, and because of what it's become... we just spend too much effort for a made up holiday.  Yes... I'm Ant-Valentine's, yet here I am blogging about it, precisely why I despise Valentine's Day!

The only thing I want from Valentine's Day this year is pink sugar.  Edible pink glitter, buttery pink frosting, frothy pink drinks, silky pink maple syrup, creamy pink whipped cream, savory pink pudding, and addictive caramel pink popcorn. And a pink crown to top it off.  Think pink!  


Sijbrich said...

I'm with you. I feel like if my husband gave me a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day, there wouldn't be much sincerity behind it because I know that so many other women are getting the same exact thing from thier significant others.

The other day I saw an ad from a jewelry store advertising one of thos cheesy heart necklaces that you mentioned and I realized that I rarely see women wearing heart jewelry. Why do they always sell those? I'm glad my husband knows not to buy anything like that for me, either.

May your Valentine's Day be very pink!

Deidra Smith said...

We have made Valentine's Day a family love day and it makes it a really fun holiday. We don't have to try and get a babysitter or reservations on such a busy night. There are no expectations and therefore no disappointments. We usually have silly pink dinners with fancy champange glasses and fake rose petals. We also have big sugar cookies and a fun family movie. It is an anticipated day because it is just a reason to make the day special for everyone. Definitely no jewelry! But chocolates and flowers make any day more fun!