Thursday, February 16, 2012

Puke Trumps Spit-Up

Lately, Jordan has consistently been able to wear one outfit the entire day (you laugh, but this was immense progress from our four to five outfits per day era which was not that long ago).  Our laundry loads had decreased significantly.  The weight of the diaper bag had declined dramatically.  The amount of daily spit-up clean up had dropped as well.

We thought our days of spit-up had passed us. We thought we had moved on to bigger and better things.  We were right.

Unfortunately, puke trumps spit-up.  And after Jordan projectile vomited vehemently three times on Valentine's night, I encountered an entirely new threshold of disgusting things you overlook for the sake of your child.  As I sat there with a rare combination of fish, rice, strawberries, zucchini, pasta sauce and little noodle bits on my skin with the pool of vomit pressed against my back (it was warm though, having just left Jordan's stomach)...and all I could think of was oh my goodness, is he okay?  my poor baby!

Jordan loves us both equally and has shown us such - as he never spit-up on me as bad as on Andy this one momentous occasion when he was about two months old.  Alas, he wanted to demonstrate his unbiased love for me on this sweetheart night at almost ten months, and I have learned a few things with certainty.

1) puke trumps spit-up: Jordan must love me more!....
2) nothing is disgusting when it's your child: not poop, not throw-up, not snot, not anything!
3) we're in it together: I am so grateful for an eternal companion who is there when the throw up overthrows us
4) babies are tough: Andy gave Jordan a quick bath and next thing you know, he was up and ready to play, giggling, crawling, and full of energy.  I don't know about you, but after I puke, I'm emotionally and physically withdrawn and just need to rest...but no...not Jordan!
5) Valentine's 2012 will forever be embedded in my memory as the night Jordan threw up all over me

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Tammy said...

I disagree with #2... puke is still gross and disgusting, even it it is your kid... you just put up with it, and don't hate them for puking on you, like you would someone else!