Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Places to Eat in LA

I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately... so instead of a blog post, here's a list of places I love to dine in LA.

1) Ding Tai Fong - expensive Chinese dumplings
2) Sin Ba La - cheap Taiwanese food
3) Savoy Kitchen - cheap Hainan chicken
4) Golden Deli - cheap Vietnamese pho and more
5) Phoenix Inn - Chinese food and dessert
1) The Counter (a growing chain with custom order toppings and sauces)
2) 25 Degrees (at the Roosevelt)
3) Umami Burger (only been once but the meat was quite tasty)
4) Father's Office (though the last time I went with Andy, we were disappointed, but I've been pleased more times than not and that was the Culver City location... Santa Monica is OG)
and we're going to try the Oinkster soon!

Since we're leaving La-La Land soon, I felt the need to compile some suggestion lists for others.  Find out more about what I think on yelp.  Peace out.


Al & Whitney said...

owI'm saving this list!! The Oinkster is good, but kind of expensive for a fast food place.

Marina said...

Where are you going and when?