Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Would I Cook Without The Internet?

"whip until peaks form"  I'm sorry, what the HECK does that mean?  What peaks?  It took some googling to figure out that it means the mixture looks whipped, texture is kinda thicker and for the record, I still don't see the peaks.

Do you know how to get pomegranate seeds out?  Apparently, you cut it in half, put it into a bowl of water, and then start to remove it in the water - the membranes will float and the seeds will sink.  Genius!  And to think I almost bought a pomegranate seed remover tool.

For the record, the internet also taught me how to cut an onion, a pineapple, and what yeast should look like when it's been proofed correctly (apparently I can't do that either).

Despite how much I know the internet can be a harm in our lives and how much more work we need to do to ensure it's safe for our kids, I am truly grateful for its existence.  Without it, I'd be a more horrible housewife than I already am.

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Lauren said...

I am the same way! How did dinner ever make it onto the table without the internet??