Thursday, November 15, 2012

Me Right Now...

I don't normally do stuff like this but I'm emotionally in a different state of mind, so I thought.. why not?!  It is our blog that only I write for anyway, thanks for the idea Paige!

Age: 30
Height & Weight: 5'8" & 126 pounds (but that doesn't matter since size wise, I'm not where I was pre-prego, stupid baby flab)
Married: Finally eh?
Children: Jordan and one on the way (oh!  I spilled it online!)  Wait for the announcement tomorrow please. 
Favorite color: Purple, like obsessed.  Not as much as in my youth when my walls were purple, my rugs were purple, and everything you could imagine, but despite my decision to go pink for my wedding, I found purple dresses for my bridesmaids and well... the rest is history. 
Drinking: Coconut water which my mom told me is all my brother's girlfriend drinks now.  First she takes my place at family outings and now something I've done for years is labeled as "just like her" - ugh.  LOL, just kidding - she's a sweetie and I'm glad she likes what I like.  
Working on: Going to shower, fold laundry and watch television, then do some fun operational and finance stuff for work and our family budget.  
Talking to: Hmmm, my mom on the phone everyday, Andy through text or Vox (when he's responding), my BFF (who just got a year's worth of Chic-Fil-A after camping out overnight at the new Encinitas location in California), Kate, the mother of Jordan's best buddy who he sees often, co-workers for hours every Wednesday for our conference calls, and a lieu of online buddies on gchat who are the best!!
Favorite book: Hmmm, I don't have one favorite but the one I just read which was fun was Twenties Girl and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling which I HIGHLY recommend.  Oh Mindy, you're the best.  
Wanting: A bigger house and a maid. 
Eating: Mickey D's for breakfast, making chicken soup, had leftovers for lunch, fruit, and an almond roca.
Thinking about: What class to go to tomorrow at the Y.  
Excited about: Book Club with resident wives and female residents tonight!
Favorite Movie: It was Old School but lately it's Elf.  I think Will Ferrell is hilarious and I want to be his friend.  
Worried about: Messing up at work.  Prego brain is real and it freaking sucks when you forget stupid things.  
Had enough of: Snow. 
Might try: Making a pie.  Who am I kidding, I'm buying it.  
Waiting for: Christmas trips to LA and Salt Lake!
Listening to: Florence & The Machine
Last movie you saw: Skyfall. It was clausterphobic and hot, and I didn't enjoy it because I was too hot to focus.  
Wearing: Lululemon purple pants, two black yoga shirts, and white socks (it's really cold)
Lovin: All the chicken soup materials my mom brought.
Tattoos YES or NO?: For the longest time throughout my 20's this was all I obsessed about - what kind, what size, where?!  But after contemplating on one permanent thing forever, I realized we as people change too much and there was nothing I loved that much to have on my body forever.  
Happy to be: Have free time to do this and my list of other things since Jordan just went down for a nap.
Favorite song right now: Too many to name.  Probably that Anna Sun Walk the Moon song that I've tagged a million times on Shazam.  "Do you know this house is falling apart?!"
Canon or Nikon girl: Who cares?  Ha.  I have a point and shoot that's Canon.  
Ready for: a much needed haircut (the last time I got my hair cut, Jordan was just born... he's 18 months). 
Toes painted or natural: When I have time and money or want to impress somebody, painted - most of the time natural. 
Glad I have: the gospel.  Not sure where or who I'd be without it.  Oh yeah, not as happy and a lot more bitter than I even am now.  
Not ready for: Baby #2. Yikes!
Healthy YES or NO: Yes, but I could be better.  
Still cool as you were 10 years ago?: At 20, I had just begun going to all my college classes and was super into ballroom dancing, so umm yes, definitely.  Duh.  

The only photo I could find from 2002, this was BYU ballroom dance camp exactly eight years before I got married.

I don't take many photos of myself now so ... sorry.  Here's a photo from the BFF's wedding back in July with me and the groom's brother.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

YOU'RE PREGNANT!?!?!?! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! So excited for you!! I hope you share the details tomorrow (like how far along, when you're due, etc. :) )

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