Saturday, November 17, 2012

Single Momming It

Part of being a doctor's wife are the inevitable working weekends that you'll likely encounter.  Well, I guess part of being any working professional who may work weekends (busy season still sucks, sorry if you're an auditor's wife).  I can't complain much about being here, we get to see Andy quite often and frequently before 4 PM, but those few Saturdays that he does work drive me insane.

It's Saturday!  Oh right.  You have to work.

We could do our normal weekday thing.  But somehow, the weekends seem special and special times warrant special attention.  The gloomy weather outside doesn't help.  Nor does the messy house we failed to properly clean throughout the week.  Fail.  And everywhere we go on Saturday, we seem to be the only mom and kid duo.  Everyone else has their family in tow.  It seems like a big family town we live in, which is normally a great thing - but when it's just us two.. not so much.

We started today with a big hearty breakfast of eggs scrambled with tomatoes and spinach, and then I had a bowl of chicken soup while Jordan had a waffle drizzled with butter, whip cream, and syrup.  We watched two episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (one in English, one in Mandarin), and I unloaded the dishes and put in a load of laundry.  Now, we are patiently awaiting the laundry to finish so we can make our weekly trip to Trader Joe's and go buy some Hostess products because Andy thinks bankruptcy is the end all.  I tried to tell him otherwise but he didn't believe me.

Hopefully Daddy comes home soon!

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Jessica said...

welcome to my life, but I still think you have it better than me, especially since you'll be closer to family next year.