Monday, November 19, 2012

Never Say Never

Motherhood has taught me that things we say never to actually become occasionally or quite often.

For example.

I'll never have pasta leftovers for lunch.  Unless Jordan is having some and then he asks for more, I heat more and he decides not to eat it.  It doesn't take much effort to put it back into the fridge, but somehow, I find myself eating it.  Scratch that.  Grubbing down on it.  I inhaled it.

I'll never consider cloth diapers.  Though I'm still on the no, probably not going to happen side of things, I've begun researching it.  No, I don't care about the environment (sorry, but if we're going to argue about diapers, I'd like to also suggest we stop using toilet paper and begin using re-usable towels.. why do babies get the grunt of things?!)  I also do not care about the cost savings which I'd argue are not there despite what everyone says because I think in the long run, it evens out but I'm also of the party who buys all my diapers on the cheap from Costco with a coupon (that's less than 19 cents per diaper).  The reason I looked into it was my son's poor bum which is sensitive and rash prone.  We use facial cleansing pads and water to wipe his bum, lots of baby powder afterwards, and rash ointment as necessary, but I wondered if cloth diapers might help his bum a bit.  As I was looking into it.. a thought came through my head.  If cloth diapers are so dang good for babies, why don't women use cloth feminine pads whilst on their period?  Completely disgusting food you just semi-puked up inside your mouth aside, it's a fair thought!  Seems like the vegetarians who wear leather jackets to me.  But I'm not a cloth diaper enthusiast just yet so those who are can correct me.  I feel pads have come a long way as have diapers.  I mean it's pretty amazing what they can hold.

I'll never tuck my sweat pants into my boots.  In California, I thought this was a fashion no-no.  But girls galore would go around sporting their Pink Victoria Secret sweats inside of their super Ugg boots. In my humble opinion, it was ugly.  But lately, that's all you'll see me wear.  It's actually necessary here to keep your long wide legged comfy fat pants from getting wet (from snow or rain or both).  I don't have Uggs, I have wannabe ones (Stuart Weitzman mind you), but I thoroughly enjoy going out and about in absolutely comfortable clothes, coming back, and not having my pants wet.  It's genius.  Brilliant.  And now... I am one of those girls.  And now Andy is married to one of those girls.

I'm a bit of an English snob.  Not having had the best English myself and understanding people do not check their comments for grammatical and spelling accuracies, I still cannot get around when people use the wrong your vs. you're and their versus they're vs there.  It seems basic.  Simple.  Expected.  But time after time, even the smartest people I know make the mistakes (and do not immediately correct themselves, though I would argue our family is more of the snotty will correct ourself right away even if it means more comments right away).  Well... the other day thinking I'd never make a stupid English mistake... I realized my labels for pregnancy are spelled pregnacy.  ALL throughout this blog.  I have tabled it for a rainy day activity, but it seems like a lot of work.  Idiot.

Well, one thing is for sure.  I've learned I can never say never.  At least not for the unimportant things that don't matter.  There are definitely things I'd argue I can definitely say I will NEVER do.


Sarah said...

They do have cloth pads but I can't say I've jumped on that bandwagon yet! Plus I'm not sure how they'd work with g's. Tmi? Sorry! I think cloth diapers save money once you start using them for two or more kids. I'm going to be able to use the same diapers for this new baby as I did for #1. Show me a formula how I'm not saving money and I may believe you but for now cloth diapers have saved us tons of money since they can be reused fOr years

Tara said...

Holy cow, I was browsing ETSY the other day and came across reusable pads (you're right Sarah!)-

I just sat there with my mouth hanging open in horror.

But I do things all the time that I swore I would never do. My brain and emotions have so much more going on than they ever used to...I just don't have the capacity to care about everything these days. :)