Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Gap Baby

I'm not a huge fan of shopping for baby clothes.  In fact, Jordan was probably about 6 or 9? months when I made my first baby purchase.  I'm also lucky to have a mother and mother-in-law who shower Jordan with oodles of cute clothes as well as a thoughtful sister-in-law who brings us cute basketball shorts, tons of cute sports outfits and of course, A's baby gear, and my cousins who always give Jordan Baby Gap clothes whenever they are in the States.

Now I'm not one for brand names, but I must admit, there's something about Baby Gap quality that just exceeds the rest of the baby world stuff.  The stuff never gets holes and are the perfect combination of stretchiness and comfort that Jordan has been able to wear some of his outfits for longer than the average 3 month size span.  And, the best part is that every now and then, when you find some quality sales (like Thanksgiving weekend stuff), you have to just take a deep breath and spend the money.

After leaving the Firm, I received a pretty sizeable gift card from Gap from all the Corporate credit card points I had accumulated over the years.  That said, we visited Gap frequently with high hopes of spending some free money, only to leave with me complaining about how over priced their super dang cute stuff was.  *le sighs were heard all around.  The few times we did find a few choice items on sale have resulted in Jordan sporting the same few Gap threads because really, they just last. I knew sales were the key to shopping at Gap, but when to go was the issue.  I could never figure it out and the sales were never good enough for me to spend the money.  I even followed them on Twitter, hoping I'd get insight into when sales were (if you get the timing right, it's amazingly cheap and comparable to Wal-Mart - I know, I frequent their baby section often these days), but no such luck.  

So when we went shopping yesterday out of desperation from the lack of winter clothes our poor son has (and how when laundry isn't done, he simply has no clothes to wear), the wonderful sales at Gap made me so happy.  We left with a bag full of clothes for Jordan and a big grin on my face.  We went to Children's Place next, another favorite of mine, but all the stuff was comparable in price to Gap and none of the sizes I wanted were there. But after some thought, the huge bag of clothes we got from Gap seemed enough, so off to game stores and Orange Julius we went.  Hooray!


Melissa Stringham said...

My kids live in gap, it holds up so well! Hannah's gap stuff looks new on Jane while many other brands are faded or have holes in them. Anyway, sign up for their emails to learn about sales. I usually only buy Gap out of the sale section when there is an additional 30-40% off which actually happens several times a year! I only buy online though I am too scared to take all 3 kids shopping. Also old navy quality has been improving lately, but you can usually find the best deals there in stores.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I was pretty much going to write exactly what Melissa said about signing up for their emails and only going when you can get an additional 30-40% off SALE items! Talk about a steal! Everything eventually goes on sale so patience is a virtue :) So glad you found some nice clothes for Jordan! Now stock up for baby #2!