Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 1

I have just finished day one of the seven night stretch leading up to the end of night float and our transitional year and the beginning of a long move to the next four years of residency in beautiful Utah. This morning, as I sit here typing away and eagerly awaiting Andy's return from Scout Camp, the morning light is shining through the blinds and both my children are peacefully sleeping at 8:30 AM.  Unlike yesterday's disaster of a morning, today is calm and oh so nice. Granted getting here was a rough patch last night from 8 PM until 10 PM of Jordan not wanting to sleep, turning on the lights, and crying when I got fed up and took him into his room (the only room that locks around here), locked the door, and lay in the bed next to him as he cried for who knows how long.... we all eventually ended up in my room with Bubba in the pack n play and Jordan in bed next to me.

Today is nice.  Sooo nice.  If I were a reality show, there'd be awesome music playing nice.  I nursed Bubba throughout the night in between bottles, and woke up not feeling quite the cow I did yesterday.  It is tricky with Bubba because of his premie status, every doctor and nurse warning us to add more nursing sessions slowly as he grows.  At 9 lbs, I think that means I can try more, yet I'm always afraid and hesitant since he does start to gasp for air (even though the monitor says he's still breathing) and tires out a lot quicker than Jordan did.  Slowly, we'll get there.  

Today I am reminded of the sweet love my oldest has shown towards our youngest so far and the serenity and pure joy that comes from having two cutie patooties to love.  At 7 AM, when Bubba was crying, Jordan woke up in a hazy daze and said "Bubba cry" and then rolled over and  grinned a silly one as he closed his eyes and grabbed his blanket to return to sleep.  Jordan is absolutely enthralled with his baby brother.  He will tell us "Bubba drip" if Bubba spits up or is dripping milk from his mouth, tells us "Bubba play" when he wants to bring his toys over to play with Bubba (which we have repeatedly tried to tell him hard toys are not okay because who knows when he'll throw something his way!), and he'll ask "Where are you Bubba?!" when he wakes up in his own room (rare form these days).  Today, as we were moving more stuff, he found two of his Disney Cars cars and as I was changing Bubba, he decided to give Bubba his blue car.  When Bubba did not grasp for the car and lay there as a baby ought to, he changed his mind to red car, and wanted to see if Bubba wanted that one instead.  Bubba did not.  But soon, I told Jordan.  Give him some time and I'm sure he'll want it.  That, or they both will be screaming "MINE!!!!" ...

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