Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 3 and Day 4

Since Andy had such a great night, Father's Day was quite pleasant for all of us!  We got Andy a golf grip and oreos (mint and cream, one from each boy) and I made him a card on Photoshop (so much fun).  Jordan took a long bath after Andy went to work, came out a raisin, and stared at his hands, unaware of why they had turned into prune fingers.  It amused me so.  The night shift was tiring, Jordan still isn't turning into bed until around 10 PM.  It's a constant battle.  First I put him in his room, tie the door with a tie down rope used for moving.  He loosens it by tugging at the door for a few minutes, then he sticks his tiny little fingers and says "Mommy?"  Then when that doesn't work, the waterfall comes.  And once he starts to cry, his nose will get runny and he'll ask "Wipe nose?"  It's so miserable to hear and even more miserable to see the real honest tears streaming out of his big eyes because all he wants is "sleep mommy bed."  So I throw in the white flag of defeat and let him come to my bed.  This gives him a jumpstart, a reinvigorated sense of being and he refuses to sleep.  Instead, he jumps on the bed, asks about Bubba.  When I yell at him, he laughs.  When I raise my voice, he thinks it's hysterical.  After a few time outs, a few escapes into the living room, he eventually falls asleep in the middle of whatever he's doing.  One night it was holding onto his paper airplane.  This night it was in the middle of talking to himself about something important, no doubt.  Bubba continues to eat every 3-4 hours and giving me one long stretch before Daddy comes home.  But when he's refluxing, it can take him a while to go back to sleep.  The last feeding of the night usually ends up being difficult for him to go back down so he ends up on me sleeping until Andy comes home to find me in bed with both boys.

Monday was fun.  My call was cancelled in the morning so I worked on Bubba's announcement.  Now all we need are cute photos to put into it.  We attempted some with our nice camera, but as you can see .. we are not photographers.  I have a friend who is taking photos of Bubba once we get into Utah, but I'm just afraid he'll be even bigger by then! We went to the Par 3 golf course together as a family and Jordan, Bubba, and I made it through about six holes before Bubba was hungry, Jordan was tired, and boy was it hot.  82 degrees yesterday!  I don't know how anyone plays golf in the heat.  I had my umbrella open for one hole before realizing I couldn't walk around with it.

Last night was rough.  Bubba is on a monitor that rings like a smoke alarm loud if his heart rate goes down or if he stops breathing.  Well, more like if the monitor thinks these two things has happened.  Tired and listening to the thunderstorms outside, all I remember was staring at the blinking green lights, making sure they were there.  Once a green light stops blinking, the red light comes on along with the BLARING sound of the alarm which startles only me apparently.  Jordan, the best sleeper once asleep, has not waken up ONCE from the many alarms going off, Bubba crying or me moving him back to his side of the bed.  Maybe that's why he resists sleeping as much as he does... he gets good solid sleep so doesn't need much of it?  Bah.. go figure.

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Jessica said...

he has chunked up!! love it!