Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 5

It's kind of freaky how fast time is flying now!  We're past Andy's work week's hump day.  Past the middle.  Two more days and no more night float ever again and two days to get us all ready for the big move and very exceptionally long drive Sunday!


We took Jordan to gymnastics yesterday but there were so many older girls tumbling and doing gymnastics stuff that he was hesitant to run around per usual.  Instead, he kept wandering up the stairs to the viewing area where Bubba and I were hanging out.  There are a bunch of toys up there for other siblings who go with their folks to view, and he seemed quite content with that.

After Andy left for work, our night was uneventful.  I wanted to take Jordan out but he wanted to be home, so after a long timeout which convinced me no more raising my voice when upset (so horrifically hard), he took a bath and calmed down.  Bedtime was a struggle once more but he went to sleep at 9 PM instead of the previous night's 11 PM bedtime.

We need to pack more today.  AhhhhHhHhhHhhHhHhhhh!!!  I wish we had movers.  Alas, it is just Andy and myself.

One year flies.  So do three years.

Today marks our three year anniversary.  Wowsers!  To celebrate, let's revisit the wedding video my brother made for us and witness how awkward we are when we first exit the Temple as a newly married couple.  My favorite part is how we can't decide if we should keep holding hands, let go, walk or what.  If you watch carefully, you'll notice one of my bridesmaids is limping and doesn't jump for the group shot.  This is because our special day was also the same day she ate it running across the parking lot at the Temple.  When I say ate it, that is an understatement beyond belief.  She was a wreck on her knees and it was really sad and bloody and some of our family members witnessed her fall before recognizing she might be in our wedding party as she was dressed in purple.  Eeek.  Thanks Annie, for being a trooper on our big day and so sorry your knees were tarnished from running in an attempt to be on time when we exited the Temple.

Here's to being married to my best friend and a wonderful and surprisingly quick but awesome three years.  To infinity and beyond.

Andy & Daisy from Ray Chou on Vimeo.


Deidra Smith said...

What a fun video. Makes me wish I could have been there all over again. Looks like such a fun reception.

Lauren said...

OMG, THAT WAS SO CUTE!! I didn't think you looked awkward at all, just super happy!! P.S. Purple was one of our wedding colors too! Good luck with all the boxes and moving. That is never any fun, but at least there is a nice, totally yours house waiting for you on the other end.

Gena Hopper said...

That video is awesome. I didn't know Andy could do backflips... I miss you, friend! Happy three years to you two.

Larry Williams said...

Great wedding video! I was curious if I knew anyone. I didn't. But looked like the perfect marriage celebration. Congrats on 3 years. My wife and I will celebrate the same this October... x10... It only gets better.

P.S. looks like your baby is doing well. That's nice to hear.

Larry Williams said...
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