Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lofty Aspirations Gone Astray

You didn't think you'd make it through night float?
You didn't know how you'd pack up everything?
You were supposed to report on Day 7 but you don't even remember what happened anymore?

A week has gone by since our big move from Spokane to Salt Lake.

The drive itself over was really quite pleasant.  Bubba was a champ, he slept while we drove, we woke him up to feed him, and then he went right back, only spitting up a bit along the way (as compared to his normal).  Jordan enjoyed his snacks, the iPhone, and the little stops we made along the way for gas and food.  He started to despise his car seat around the last 30 minutes and kept telling me he had pooped just so I'd take him out and change his diaper.  He is the boy who cried poop and in the end, he really did have a tiny little nugget of joy which we discovered upon arriving in Salt Lake.. but that little nugget was nowhere to be found the first time I believed him and went to change him.  He also kept saying "hold you" because he's still confused about his pronouns and because we normally ask, "do you want me to hold you?"

Our stuff didn't get unloaded until Monday night after the end of business day when manly men who would help us move would be off of work.  We stayed at Andy's parents house the first night... intending to go to our home Tuesday to unpack and settle in.  Tuesday became Thursday and currently, we have our window treatments up, cable and Internet, food in the fridge, and a lot more to unpack and organize.

My lofty aspirations of painting our room a soft taupe, our sons' room a sky blue, and the office den a gray have quickly dissipated into distant memories.  I have come to appreciate my friends who have beautifully decorated homes with cute coordinating walls, furniture and window treatments.  As for us, functionality is first and anything above that feels like too much effort as we live among boxes and boxes.  Even though I enjoy browsing through Pinterest dream home ideas, I am seriously too tired to think of what to do for our own home besides unpack it!  After multiple trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and Ikea, I am very content with our super long one day I intend to hem 'em but will just safety pin 'em for now Ikea curtains and we went with the wood colored because you had to custom order the white Home Depot install it yourself blinds.  I fell in love with some curtains I found at Home Goods but am hesitant they don't match much of anything in our living room.  But then again, what really matches a mismatched combo of couch, blinds, and wall anyway?  Andy is supportive and says he likes them, and this is when I realize what a great match we are.

Alas, I am sooo happy with my kitchen.  It is a big one!  We have enough room to put a dining table and a kids table in there!  And, I have so much storage space that the only thing on my counters is our knife set.  Boo ya'll!

It's been a long week but we're still not quite done yet.  My parents come to visit next Tuesday and they'll help me continue unpacking, organizing, and my mom will most likely help me decorate a bit and figure out where all the photos and wall art will go.  Fortunately, since she's a realtor who dresses homes up quite a bit, she has some good suggestions.  Unfortunately, since she's so busy all the time, she hates when I buy something without fully committing knowing that I can return it (she says time is money and you can't waste it) and she would be judgmental about all the returns I have made lately.  Ha!

Tonight, my goal is to prep the den for when my parents arrive and that includes assembling an Ikea desk.  Andy has low expectations but when I really want to get something done, I won't even feel tired.  So I'll just work until I'm feeling like it's time for bed.  The only awful thing is that I now also have dishes to do.  Boo.

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