Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 6

Day 6 started off with a morning call for me that lasted a lot longer than I expected (since the normal weekly one was cancelled and this was something else all together).  After the normal feeding, changing diapers, pumping, and getting the diaper bag ready with extra clothes, washcloths, diapers for both boys, snacks for the big one, and wipes galore, we headed out for lunch at Mickey D's for the big 3 year anniversary with the whole fam bam!  Woo woo.  And a big deal is the fact that instead of both forgetting our anniversary this year, we both made sweet homemade thoughtful gifts for each other.

Andy extended a poem he wrote for me for Christmas when we were dating and I made him a slideshow of the last three years with only one rule: that we both were in the photo.  Turns out , there is only one photo with Bubba in it.  How sad is that... we need to start taking more family photos with the four of us.

After yummy ice cream at Mickey D's and buy one get one free quarter pounders with fries, we ventured off to track down a man we met at the Golf Travel Show a few months ago to buy some green turf stuff for Andy to make a putting green for the boys' room.  I fell asleep in the car with the boys while Andy was getting the order at some dude's home in Spokane Valley (definitely more ghetto than South Hill in Spokane).  We had to drive from a house to a warehouse to get the actual piece of green but it was close so I continued to nap and only came out of my groggy state of being to ask Andy if we were done yet and to remind him I had to go home to pump!

I was awakened from my nap by the giddy school boy sitting next to me in the car after he got the green.  His eyes were wide with excitement and I asked him if the putting green was for Jordan and Bubba or him.  He said it was for OGO, him, Jordan and Bubba.

The night was a little tough because Bubba decided to wake up promptly every three hours to poop or eat or both, but I can't really complain since I have for the most part, had someone helping me from 5 PM - 10 PM every night, which has made it a lot easier than if it were just me. Last night, I discovered that I had been overlooking Shelby's true asset as the key person to put Jordan to sleep instead of me.  He went down at 9 PM instead of the night before's 11 PM or the night before that which was 10 PM.  I also have noticed my milk supply going down.  Part of the reason is because I am too lazy to pump at night (or in the early morning really).  In trying to get my milk supply back, I've been up for the last three nights with each feeding pumping for 15 minutes.  To stay awake, I go to the living room where I watch something on TV after feeding Bubba who then just lies next to me in the wannabe boppy.

One more day.  One more night.  Then we will have made it through seven straight nights without Andy.  Three of which it was just me and the boys.  Four of which Shelby was here to help out often (in the mornings when I had calls and from 5PM - 10 PM).  All of which I missed Andy so so much! And then we have Friday to pack and finalize, Saturday morning help comes to move everything into the truck, and hopefully not all of Saturday will be spent cleaning the apartment.

Here's to the last day of night float.


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