Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 2

Amidst the chaos that is our living quarters composed of improvised furniture made of boxes, clean but unfolded clothes strewn atop the couch, the remainder of Jordan's toys all over the floor, and a kitchen covered with bottles and nipples, there is a looming anticipation and excitement for our big move.

Yesterday morning, we got a taste of moving day when people from CraigsList came to pick up the bedroom set and living room table set.  Jordan was so excited, walking back and forth, watching them move the furniture, taking a breath of the fresh air outside, and loving the space the furniture now gone created.  He is going to love next Saturday while we are going to be chasing around, trying to make sure he's safe.  It was a nice foreshadowing of our upcoming weekend.

At night, I decided to take that first trip out with two boys on my own.  Mostly it was because I'm an idiot and forgot to get the one thing I made a trip out to Wal-Mart for earlier... Enfacare for Bubba (which strengthens his ability to grow when added to my milk).  So like a rookie who forgets to save a file worked on for hours, I realized I had to amend my own wrongdoing by sucking it up and getting it done.  I went to the store with my two sons on my own for the first time.

I figured it'd be easy enough to get Bubba into the basket of the cart, Jordan into the front and be in an out in less than 5 minutes.  I just had to park near a cart.  Of course, by the time I got everyone loaded into the cart, I realized the seatbelt was broken.  Oh well.  It'd be a quick enough trip and I'd keep an eye out on Jordan at all times.

Next, we ventured to the hospital to have dinner with Andy.  Well, we would have dinner and he would accompany us because he actually ate earlier just in case we didn't make it before the cafeteria closed for the night.  I specifically wanted to go on a weekend because I knew the parking lot closest to the cafeteria would be free on the weekends (NICU experience taught me all the lots are free on the weekends).  I carried the diaper bag, Bubba's carseat and his monitor, Jordan's bug case filled with bath toys, and with my free hand, clutched onto Jordan tighter than a pair of spanx because lately, he thinks it's fun to run off and has no concept of parking lots no matter how much we emphasize it to him.  It's all a big fat game to him.  We got to the doors and I told Jordan to go push the handicap button to open the door for us.  He ran to it, hit the button, and into the hallway in front of the elevators we were.  He pressed the up button and in we went.  Everything went smoothly on our walk to the dining hall but once there, Jordan told me how hungry he was when he asked "eat?" and "Daddy, where are you?"

It was a little bittersweet to be eating at the hospital one last time (I don't imagine we'll be going again) and to witness Jordan completely aware of the familiarity of the hospital dining hall.  We normally tried to make it out there when Andy was working a night shift on weekends, which he had to do throughout the year.  I was also surprised that the staff recognized us, implying that we are actually there quite often (might be true).  The girl who scooped up my Fall salad asked me if I was married to that handsome doctor.  "Which one?" I asked, because I'm not really good at receiving compliments about how handsome my husband is.  She then told me what a great accomplishment it was and congratulated me for supporting him.  The girl at the checkout lane recognized Andy as my husband when he was walking towards us and told me, "here he comes" as Jordan was so hungry, we went to grab the food and were just waiting at the register for Andy to come swipe his card.

We came home, Jordan had trouble sleeping again but like always, around 10 PM, was ready to sleep.  Should I change his bedtime to 9 PM?  That hour is so nice to have though.....  Or maybe shorten his naptime to 2 hours or 90 minutes?  Some days, he can go for three hours!

The night was uneventful.  Everyone slept well, including me as I told myself I'd wake up in ten minutes at 5:30 AM to pump, but ended up waking up at 6:30 instead.

Andy came home around 7 AM and told us he also had an uneventful night which means he got to sleep a little.  He told me his wife interrupted him the most.  Touche.

Happy Father's Day!

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