Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unpacking Is The Pits!

Who knew so many boxes could take over my life?!  I can't figure out where to put everything but in order to properly assess the situation and organizational destination of each item, I have to take everything out of the boxes.  This poses a dilemma as then I am stuck with these boxes in my way instead of space to organize.

On the bright side, our home is getting closer to being a home even if in every walkway is a box, some flat, some stuffed to the brims with crinkled paper, and clothes here and there.  I just want to dispose of the boxes but that's the one downside of having a home versus an apartment - no dump truck!

My parents are coming into town tomorrow night and staying with us until Saturday morning.  I am excited but also knowing my parents... know that we will probably spend more time hanging in the house than braving the heat with two kids.  We probably won't even eat out, just take out and eat at home.  But it seems nobody fully understands this except for my brother.  I talked to him this evening for a bit and when I told him the plans for when they come into town.. he agreed that with the heat, they'd probably just want to stay home.  Well, not both of them- but my mom would win the battle and we'd stay in.  When I told him I was going to take my parents to the outlets, he screamed with joy, "outlets!"  You see, growing up.. outlets were a thing of fun to us.  I think most people think we're crazy, but that's just kind of our thang.  My dad isn't a shopper, but he will drive us and then let us walk around as he roams the bookstores and then meet us two or three hours and lots of shopping bags later.  The hours we spent at Cabazon, the best outlet (in my humble opinion) and just minutes from Palm Springs, where our really close family friends lived and we visited often.  Oh the hours.

Well.. I'm done organizing for the night.  I can't wait to put up photos of the place.. I didn't get a lot of before shots but just imagine a horrifically messy home and you're spot on.  I have big plans for the home over the course of the next year.  One of my problems, which my mom always yells at me about, is wanting to do it all right away my way asap.  I'm sure I will get a earload from my mom if she notices how dark the bags under my eyes are from staying up late to get the house ready... which is why I'm putting in extra hours before they get here!  And then I can just blame it on the new baby who is sleeping wonderfully.  But since I've admitted to that, I'm sure tonight will be a rough one.  

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Lauren said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your new place!!