Friday, July 5, 2013

Fireworks Galore

We live in an area that overlooks the Salt Lake Valley.  They recently made it legal to shoot fireworks into the air by any Joe, Jane, Dick or Sally (anyone really).  So tonight, from our balcony and bedroom window, we could see a ton of fireworks being shot up all over Salt Lake City.  It was pretty rad.  Speckles of wonderfulness reminding us of the freedoms we have here in the wonderful U. S. of A.  Party in the USA!!!

I want to do a post on the amazing annual Fourth of July picnic up in Milcreek Canyon (and the third I've been to so far!) that Andy's family puts on (my family now too!), but I don't have any photos on my comp quite yet and I am EXHAUSTED from the work I had to do just now to get some e-mails out before tomorrow's business day begins... so I'll just say...

I'm an America and I'm from American!!  

AmeriCAN not can't.

Every HEART BEATS TRUE for the red, white, and blue.


Yea, yea yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Fourth of July!  

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