Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How's It With Two?

I'm not really sure.  I want to say it's easy.. but life has been a challenge lately.  I mean... the boys? They are easy peasy!  If I could devote all my time to them and only them.. it'd be wonderful.  However, life doesn't seem to be just about them two.  The really undeniably hard part is getting BlueSky work done, finishing the unpacking, finding time for a shower, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and making dinner by the time Andy comes home so we can maximize the time we have with him at night.  And, it's made harder when Jordan just wants to go outside to play, knows how to unlock and open both our main door and the screen door.  It will be a few more days until our lock at the top is installed and I don't have to worry about him as much.

We're just getting back into our routine... I'm trying to figure out all the storytimes and fun things like parks and splash pads or free things around here to do but since we are one hour ahead of PST, all my work calls are now from 10AM-12PM, which doesn't coincide well with toddler playtime and lunch... so Mommy has to get a bit creative now and do a better job of preparing and filling non conference call days with fun items.  Unfortunately, there are more life interruptions like returning goods purchased and not used, fixing the car, getting the car registered, etc. that have gotten in our way so far.  Can't wait to be done with those things!

I also have a much bigger house to not only finish unpacking and figuring out what frames and art go on which walls, but clean as well!  The kitchen takes forever to wipe down and Martha Stewart advises me to wipe my kitchen floors everyday.  Oh my.  Making dinner?  So hard to get back into the swing of things after being gone from kitchen duties since March!  I am going to try devoting most of Sunday afternoon to some food preparation in anticipation for the week's menu.  I'm hoping that alleviates some of the preparation burden I have run into so far this week.  As for work, I am prioritizing calls to companies and e-mails that have to be sent during business hours and work that I can do after hours while I watch TV at night in the comfort of our living room with just me awake (all the boys are asleep by 10 PM).  The shower part .. well that means trying to stay in A/C places without sweating too much so I can take one ever other day...but that won't last long as I am officially instituting Operation Tone-Up for all the weddings I have to go to this upcoming fall, next spring and summer in a few days (I keep delaying it).

So I'm not sure if all the juggling of these tasks is hard because I am now a mother of two or because we just moved or because I've been spoiled after being on bedrest and giving birth or whatever.  Whatever the case... as busy as I am with two and everything else, my heart is overflowing with love and happiness for those two beyond belief.  I am enjoying those pure bliss moments of me and the kiddos more than I ever did as a first time mother of one.  I think the first time around, I worried a lot about statistics and milestones and capturing it all month by month whereas now I'm just enjoying it (though I should whip out my camera a bit more also).  I absolutely love just holding Bubba or Jordan and having time with each of them separately and together.  Sitting with Bubba in the Moby and Jordan wanting to get cuddled is so much fun.  Or lying in bed with Jordan reading a book with Bubba lying on me while we read.  Ultimate best.  And so far, I love when both boys only want me... and I cherish each moment with just me and the boys, even when both are crying and I just want to hit myself and cry for help.  Those times pass really quickly and then it's all the love again.  It's seriously the best.  Living the dream.    

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