Friday, July 12, 2013

Perks of Living By Family

Free babysitters!

Delicious spontaneous dinners!

Cousins for Jordan and Bubba! (this summer at least...)

Sunday dinners with everyone!

Free fireworks! (Andy's uncle is a fireworks dealer)

Help with rides while hubs is at work (for errands like my car getting fixed)!

And most recently... an arcade and pool table!  Because Andy's aunt, Jan, who moved into a new home around the same time we did that is less than 2 minutes away, just got an arcade put in her house along with the pool table already there!  She didn't get it herself, hahaha ... some uncles decided it was necessary and got it from DI and put it there.  We're not complaining!

I LOVEEEE Bust-a-Move!  It's my one favorite video game (I'm not a video game person at all...) and it brings back sweet memories of playing with my BFF at her house with their joysticks!  Fun fun fun!!!!!

So far I've beat EVERYONE.

Jordan is way excited!!!

I am up this late because I just finished working and now I have to go feed Bubba.. 


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