Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bubba Boy

I haven't done a great job tracking Bubba's milestones but he's huge, over 12 pounds and only two months and a week old!  The doctor is so impressed with his weight gain since birth and we're a bit nervous about him fitting into his blessing outfit (we're thinking August maybe...?) that May is making for him.  He's in that fist held tightly stage, spits up quite a bit after eating, and never seems satisfied unless we're holding him.  He sleeps beautifully if in your arms but we've been spoiling him so since he had to go for so long without anyone holding him while in the NICU.  He has a lot of neck strength already and can hold himself up quite well for a two month old baby.  He is sensitive, he cries when upset at even the littlest thing like me putting clothes on him or nudging him in the face by accident, and turns bright red when he's upset, but he gets over it quickly within a few seconds and is fine again.  He likes to sleep with his hands by his face and sometimes on one hand or with one hand open as if he's waving.  His cries are so cute to me and when he gets really upset, they become screechy and high pitched but still kind of crack me up.  His eyes are still a soft gray and magnified in the sunlight.  He sleeps for 3-5 hours and is pretty easy going.  Our biggest challenge right now is trying to get him to sleep on his own without having to hold him until he falls asleep and then put him down.  He seems to do okay at night but during the day, he just wants to be held.  He does sleep tremendously well in the carseat, so going out with him hasn't been an issue at all.

We love our Bubba boy.  It's weird that life existed without him before.

Big brother still loves Bubba and asks about him whenever he wakes up or doesn't see Bubba, but he has become a little more clingy lately, asking us to hold him and asking for Mommy.  I can't complain because he still does great reading a book or playing with the iPhone while I nurse Bubba right next to him, and he calls nursing "pump" because for the longest time, all he knew was Mommy was always "pumping" and I think because it's in that general area.  It's really cute.  Mommy pump?

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