Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stamp of Approval

I've been quite nervous for my mom to see our house.  She's been in the real estate business since 1994 so she knows a few things.  This past year, she took the #2 top seller award for her office (a huge feat and one my brother and I were so proud and happy for her to take the title of... she'd always been #3 or #4 for years upon years upon years, even after we were both out of the house and she thought the freed up time would help her get there but it didn't, sad face).

My dad also has a real estate license but he's not practicing.  He just helps my mom out with open houses here and there and for years, they'd been pushing me to get my own license to help them out and just to alleviate the 3% commission and have more knowledge really.  My uncle also is licensed and helps out my mom, and my cousin just recently got his license and is practicing and getting mentored by my mom.  So it's in the family, sort of. ..

Back to my nerves.  Would my parents give me their stamp?  Would they tell me it was an awful investment and even if I didn't agree, would I be burdened by their disapproval and be sad for days?  They were a little shocked how fast we made an offer and bought a house and that we were paying mortgage for a few months without living there.  I tried to explain it was exactly what we wanted but concerns were very obviously there.  Even as an adult, you want your parents' approval... I'm unsure why, but it's so important even if it shouldn't always be.  So yes, I wanted my parents' approval.  Yes, it's a bit immature but oh well.

I tried to clean up as many boxes as possible.  I knew they would scrutinize the mess despite my constant reminders that we were still unpacked.  I wanted them to like it.  I wanted them to see its potential.

Andy helped me clear out some boxes.  I cleared most of the den which serves as my office and Jordan's toy storage because this is where they'd be sleeping.  It was still a mess to say the least.  Boxes.  Clothes.  Stuff.  Hoarder status.

I picked my parents up from the airport yesterday (on my own with Bubba... first time driving there!) and brought them home for their first glimpse of the home.  "It looks bigger than it does in the photos, and much much better!" my dad explained as I pulled into the driveway.  First sigh of relief.

We walked into the home.  "Oh, this is nice!" my mom says.  Second sigh of relief.

They toured the home.  They inspected the rooms.  They told me it was well kept.  Very good condition!  They explained how the size was perfect for our family.  They liked it!  They said it was comfortable.  They said the A/C was great.  They said the kitchen was huge!

And then, they gave me their stamp of approval.

HUGE sigh of relief.  

And yes, my mother bless her heart still told me how messy it was even after I explained we are still unpacking.  She offered to help me with the clothes but not really knowing where stuff was going, I couldn't have her help.  I'm not great at delegating and I have morning calls all Wednesday so.... yeah.  Good thing we cleared those other million boxes or else I'd never hear the end of it.  Oh mother dearest.  We are getting there.. slowly but surely.

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Lauren said...

Ha, Hoarder status. There's always at least one room in my house that looks like that, and I don't even have the excuse of unpacking! Glad your parents liked the house! I'm sure growing up with so many realtors in the family must have rubbed off on you when you were house hunting. ;)