Monday, September 30, 2013

Bed Made, Clean Sink, Clear Desk.

That's all I really need to feel like my home is clean.  There could be dust floating around, hair covering the floor, but so long as the bed is made.. the sink is cleared and my desk is clutter free... I feel like things are okay.  Of course, the bathroom toilet, heaps of post-maternity shedding hair contrasted against the white tiles, kitchen floor crumbs, mountains of clothes both dirty and clean yet to be folded and put away and of course.. toys, toys, toys, would beg to differ.  But really... all I really need to be slightly deceived is a bed made, clean sink and clear desk.  Unfortunately, the only thing I tend to have is a made bed (5 out of 7 days).

But right now... in the probably 15 minutes I have left before Andy gets back from his weekly softball game, both boys are asleep in their shared room, the sink is clean and I feel good about the potential of a clutter free desk.  Of course, today is the one day the bed never got made since Bubba fell asleep on it and then I loaded clean and folded clothes on it, in hopes of it encouraging us to put it all away before we go to bed tonight.  Sometimes, we both just keep the clothes at the foot of the bed and go to sleep.  Yes, we are that lazy.  Other times, they fall to the floor and become unfolded.

Isn't it funny the little things that make our home feel comfortable and us feel relaxed?  I love nothing more than to sit in my immaculate living room to watch a show while on the computer or read a book with music playing in the background, but I cannot get there unless the living room is tidied up, otherwise, I will start to clean it instead.  I also don't mind taking the time to put things away at night just so it can get taken out again in the morning just for the pure joy of the few minutes it is clean in the morning when I awaken.  I've noticed that my son has slowly become conditioned - not necessarily to appreciate the cleanliness, but to understand that when Mom says it's time to clean up, it's business.  He will help, albeit a few pieces instead of the whole shebang. I am a huge fan of this habit we are building together.  I also don't like him taking out a million toys to play at one time.  He's pretty good about cleaning up before taking another item out so long as I'm supervising and request it of him.  What choice does he really have right?

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Larry Williams said...

After many years of personal research into the subject of lazyness, I belive it is the mind forceing us to take a break from our constant schedules.