Monday, September 9, 2013

I Live for the Weekends

As a stay at home mom going out all the time mom who works part-time a lot more than part-time feels, I live for the weekends.  Sure!... the weekdays are fun.  Sure!... we get to go out quite often.  Sure I have all the time in the world to do whatever my heart desires (NOT!).  The reality of the matter is... getting two kids out the door is tough.  Bubba, at 16 almost 17 pounds in a carseat is not light or kind to my arm that bruises easily.  Jordan, at 2 with a mind of his own, can articulate that he'd like to go to the park mom, he'd like to go outside mom, he'd like to go to Grandma's or Jan's and that he'd like to watch a show now.  It isn't the easiest to tell him that Mom has to work, that he has to nap, or that it's raining so we can't go outside.  He hasn't learned "why" yet but I imagine that will be loads of fun.

This weekend.. we had Thai food and got ice cream after at Arctic Circle with the grandparents, ventured out for bagels and waffles for breakfast, went to Costco, Home Depot, and Best Buy together as a family, watched BYU beat Texas at Jan's (while Andy went with his dad, brother-in-law and his pops to the game in Provo) with extended family, and celebrated HG's baby blessing (which I missed cuz of the Sunday School class I teach and forgot would run until noon since we just recently switched from having Sacrament last to Sacrament first).  What a weekend!

I just adore the weekends.  Though the weekdays sometimes mimic the weekends because we do get to see our family all the time and eat out or at Grandma's more often than not, we just don't get as much of Daddy as we do on the weekends.

The other day, I was in the bathroom and I heard Jordan climb onto our bed where Bubba was laying.  He said, "Bubba... I love you." And then he just sort of lay there with him.  I've found that if I'm not in bed when Jordan comes into our room, this is a normal thing for him.  It's absolutely adorable.  I managed to get a photo of it the next day.  

Saturday morning breakfast!  We got Einstein's Bagels and Jordan had the fancy waffles from the cart outside of Dan's (there's always a long line and they are delicious!)  Andy thinks they coated it with some type of sugar mixture that makes it better than at home waffles.
Bubba is a happy baby, as most fat babies are.  This is my favorite onesie because it is a t-shirt over a onesie so it is not tucked into any pants I put over it.  And it has fake little suspenders on it.  

 We watched the game at Jan's house and thought we saw OGO on television.  It wasn't him.  But I snapped a photo of it.  hahaha.
 Bubba sleeping with Daddy.  So cute!
 Jordan and Bubba at HG's baby blessing.  I didn't get any photos of the kids.  Doh!


Marina said...

OMG Bubba is the cutest. As his cheeks get fatter his cuteness multiplies. I hope we may also have a chubby asian baby come our way like Bubba!

Lauren said...

I could just pinch those little cheeks all day long!! So sweet! Having kids is the greatest, even though some days we feel like ripping our hair out before it's even noon (I'm having one of those today...) But I think the moments like Jordan climbing in bed with Bubba totally make up for any and all hair pulling.