Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bubba's Light Eyes

Bubba was born with lighter eyes than Jordan.  They looked light grey for a bit, now they're more of an amber.  It's been difficult to get a photo of it.  Well, that is until now!  Thank goodness for fancy cameras.  I've been playing with the manual mode lately, learning what I can so I can take good photos of my kids.

Breakfast is always fun with Jordan.  He wakes up immediately and comes into our room asking for "mommy's phone" or "eat?"  If I tell him no Disney Junior (the app that plays shows) via my phone, he says "just games Mommy, no Disney Junior" because that's what we ask him to do on Sunday morning.  He's learning so much and talking so much.  He remembers things we tell him the names of after just once and surprises both of us with new words that he's only heard a few times often.  Today, he wanted my necklace so Andy told him it was for girls (while I chimmed in not boys!) and later he pointed to it, telling me, "Mommy's necklace for girls, not boys."  What a smartie pants.  He also told me my necklace was "broke, I'll fix it Mommy" even though it wasn't.  he loves saying things are broken and then that he'll fix it.
 Bubba loves his brother.  He loves being awake and in the mix of things.  He's trying so hard to roll over but he can't quite yet.  He is grabbing things more and more and has a secure grip on whatever is nearby.

What can I say.. he loves his cape!  That hair.. it just sort of rises in the middle on its own.  

 Bubba just recently met an important milestone.  He has begun sleeping for six and more hours straight through the night.  It may have helped that we put him in the crib instead of the pack n play and that we bundled him up (his arms were kinda cold a few days even though we wrapped him up in the swaddle).  Hooray!  Not that getting up was really that big of a deal since he was such a great eater.  He would just take about 10-15 minutes and be done.. but the sleep is also nice.
 The brothers.
 Aye aye Mom!

See the light eyes?  Wonder if they'll stick around....!

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