Wednesday, September 4, 2013

LDS Tithing and Fast Offerings With Bill Pay....Life Changing!

I just learned from my brother-in-law how to use bill pay for our church tithing and fast offerings.
It's so easy I don't ever want to forget and maybe you will want to do the same.

You send an e-mail to with the following information:

Bill Pay Set Up Information
Donor's Name

Membership Record Number
Obtain from ward clerk or temple recommend.
Include all leading zeros and dashes.

Spouse's Name
If donating together.

Mailing Address



Postal Code


Primary Phone

Email Address
Monthly statements will be emailed to this address.

Financial Institution

And then you just wait for them to respond with further instructions and set it up with your bank as per usual.  Brilliant!  No more looking for the Bishopric before or after Church, getting way behind and sending in one huge chunk of change, or mailing in tithing slips.  You do have to submit LDS-Tithing and LDS-Fast Offerings separately (or any other specified donations), but it's so easy, I can get it in on time and have records on my computer (and not those yellow receipt slips lying around everywhere).  Wonderful!  Amazing!  Life changing!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I had to (well, got to?) do this when we arrived in Germany because they wanted me to pay in Euros and the conversion gets all weird. LOVE billpay! So easy and convenient!

bruinjack said...

Also, if you have stock investments you can somehow transfer stock to the church as tithing and it also allows you to avoid paying taxes on the purchase price of the stock. I can't recall all the details, but it is pretty cool.

Traci said...

So cool! I wondered when/if the Church would convert to bill pay. Thanks for the heads up!

Marina said...

Awesome! I always remember seeing people say that the Church discouraged electronic tithing paying so I'm glad that's changed!