Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Loves His Big Brother

Bubba loves his older brother so so much!!!  Jordan is also a super sweet bigger brother (most of the time) but every Sunday after they've been apart for two hours while Bubba's in Nursery and Jordan's in Primary, they find each other afterwards and embrace each other in a long heartfelt hug as if the two hours has been completely unbearable! Bubba's always been excited to pick up Jordan from school but our trip here has magnified that love as they spend all day together (no school or extracurricular activities... just the two of them and Dagny when she's not sleeping, all day LONG!).  I mean, he seriously does absolutely everything Jordan does whether it's being obedient, silly, active, playing, singing, running, jumping, etc. with the exception of food, otherwise they are joined at the hip. For some weird unknown reason, when it comes to food, Bubba has his own preferences but as for everything else, there is a love and joy for being just like big bro or being with him all day everyday.

My heart swells with intense gratitude and love for these two goofballs and I just can't get enough of how easy they make mom life of three. More often than not, it feels like Dagny is an only child with entertainment from the boys here and there. They really do just play with each other, eat with each other, and take care of each other (for the most part)... Fights do ensue but they're mostly petty and started by Jordan or because Bubba is just a strong little brother.  They get along more often than they don't and it really does lighten the burden of three kids all day for me.

Shockingly, today's highlights included screen time with lunch while mom took a work call (this is one of their favorite things to do... "Mom, do you have another call today?" They'll ask again and again when they want another show) and other notables are park time with an empty playground, story time with all the nannies on the Hill, and a stroll for some pie to celebrate Pi day with friends!

One thing with three kids is that going out is a lot more expensive. Everyone gets a treat and it adds up quickly, but it's worth it when we get a break with friends and they get a treat with mom. I am loving daily glimpses of what I imagine heaven to be like.

Dagny loves her brothers too, she has so much entertainment watching them and trying to mimic their play.  She loves Spiderman and can carefully stack her markers to use them as a sword while watching her brothers do the same.  She is quick to smile whenever the selfie mode of photo taking comes out, and a few times I've even heard her softly say, "cheese!" or it could be the chits that she wants when she sees chips, haha.  WHO KNOWS?!  

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