Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We Love Nike

It's not rare to see my kids in Nike from head to toe, sometimes it's a bit mortifying to think our family has picked a brand and just run with it but what can I say... My boys love basketball shorts, my husband loves Nike shoes, and today I was also on board as I walked six miles around town, a few in my Sperrys and the majority in my new discounted $20 Nike sneakers! Thank goodness for the relief that came in the form of soft cushions surrounding the blisters on my feet gathered from the weekend's adventures.  

I'm trying to fit into the scene on the Hill, so continually snapping photos of my shoes or the kids and me amidst the colorful doors or beautiful bricks is no bueno. Alas, my photos sucked today so the selfie stick might make an appearance on our jaunts about town tomorrow.  It's not like I'm in Utah anymore, land of Mommy bloggers and photo enthusiasts, where stopping to take a selfie or a shoe photo is pretty normal.  Here in DC, everyone is on their way somewhere with intention, most of the time in a suit or slacks, and it's a completely different culture than I'm used to and the insecure part of me wants to fit in.  Dang it for not bringing some of my slacks to wear to Church! 

Today was filled with a trip to the library and the park, all before noon. We spent a large chunk of the early afternoon at home with Dags napping and the boys eating chicken nuggets in front of the tube while I took an hour long work call. I've never seen them eat so well, but I don't want them to only eat well with a tv on so we probably won't do that again unless I'm desperate (enter probably tomorrow).   

We then did some learning, something the grandparents and great uncles and aunts have been dutifully concerned about since Jordan is missing so much school. He's in pre-k but Andy is half and I'm full Chinese, so the struggle is real. I kid you not, I've been asked continually by everyone what I plan to do with Jordan during this time since he's missing so much school.  It's all sincere concern, but it also reminded me to get off my butt and do some serious homeschooling with my kids.   My kids have never had any issue with free play and utilizing their imagination, but Jordan misses home a bit - mostly his toys and his school routine with best buds, so anything I can do to minimize that with somewhat of a routine will hopefully help.  Also, can someone tell me what a rhombus is?  I think we incorrectly labeled a parallelogram as one.
I think I've figured out Jordan a bit, he likes something fresh and new so I don't push him much with practicing his letters on paper as I used to, we just both get angry and frustrated. Instead, I let him do a few traced letters and the I let him type on the computer. He practiced typing his name a bit and then I typed a story for him to read. We also reviewed some shapes, numbers, and he practiced giving a speech again (something we started on Friday last week which was quite fun for both of us!) and some drawing by mimicking the steps I took. It was a good time for all, not our normal "learning time" trend. The boys then went off to play Power Rangers while Dagny ate lunch and I cleaned up... Yeah, she seriously needs a buddy soon, it can get pretty lonely as the third child.
Mid-afternoon came along and we made our way in the beautiful 60 degree weather towards the Capitol to hang with friends on the east lawn. It was a beautiful walk, one made easier with the help of our new DC friends who always tell us the best ways to walk (google maps is not very direct nor does it know which streets are better to walk on). 
Bubba slept through all of Jordans running across the Capitol Building lawn, and then Jordan said he needed to poop so we all went over to the Library of a Congress.  I couldn't help but snap a photo while we waited for him, it's such a beautiful restroom!  Marble, dark wood, and even a genuine baby changer on the side.  There's a large kid room filled with books, Melissa and Doug puzzles and toys, and the kids enjoyed the last ten minutes before they closed at 4:30 PM, which is coincidentally also when Andy gets off work, so we made our way to the grocery store as did Andy.  Along the way, we saw a dude walking on the other side of the street and it was Andy!  

Making our way home was quite a struggle for me.  The stroller was heavy with Jordan and Dagny as well as all our weekly load of food, and the upward hills here and there did not help.  At least the homes were cute!  The proximity of each home lends itself nicely to the juxtaposition of colorful homes and doors made for an enjoyable walk.  Yes, I did snap a photo and then put my camera away embarrassed that I had done so immediately thereafter.  

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