Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Second 12 of 12

I can't believe a month has gone by already!  Time really does rob you when you're least expecting it.  Most of the time, I'm wondering if time will go by faster as I'm fatigued, yearning for a break, longing for some silence, wanting so very desperately to just lay still while my kids' mere existence proves otherwise.  And then just like that... I'm thinking a week ago, we were doing this.  A month ago, we were doing this.  A year ago we were doing this.  Five years ago, we were doing this... and seriously, we were in DC about 5 years ago right before Jordan turned 1, celebrating Andy's parents' 30th anniversary with the whole gang (the whole gang back then).  WHAT A TRIP to be back five years later.

In a short month, we've also gone from Salt Lake City to Capitol Hill.  We've gone from van life to stroller life.  We've gone from school to homeschooling.  And this momma is one tired momma.  My legs and body are so sore from the lifestyle change and I am still adjusting.  We have a lot of space in our rental but the kitchen is tiny and I do most of my kitchen prep on a small island with a butcher block top that I have come to absolutely adore.  I might have to get one for our house in SLC when we're back.

Here's my March 12 of 12.  Enjoy!

1. Mommy and Dagny selfie at the park, we went first thing in the AM after breakfast and enjoyed the kids' favorite park, just two blocks from us (the rule is we only go with Daddy because it's a little too big for me to take them on my own and keep watch on all of them) where
2. Jordan scooted along the trail adjacent to the park playground and 
3. Dagny crossed the tiny bridge that connects the loop to the playground and 
4. Bubba climbed on his own to the top of a massive playground equipment and yelled, "I made it Mom!"  
5. Bubba demolishing a Sprinkles sprinkle cupcake - we met some friends here and were invited to their baby's first birthday party in the suburbs where 
6. Jordan and Bubba played in the ball pit at the birthday party, having a ball!  Even Andy joined during the pinata
7. Hopping onto a segway attempting to hit the fox, but really just trying hard not to fall.  Good times at the
8. huge mansion of our friends' parents in Virginia.  We were planning to metro over and then get picked up, thank goodness someone offered us a ride which made it a lot easier and less stressful.  
9. Home from the party, just relaxing with a TV show while Mom and Dad get some much needed rest.  Our bodies are sore all over.  
10. Chalk, scooters, and our cement backyard while Dad picked up some
11. Pizza from &pizza, just a few blocks from our house.  Take out in our
12. backyard, lights and all, it made for a great completion to a fun filled day.  The kids couldn't stop talking about how much fun the party was.  We came back with goodie bags and huge paper bags full of candy from the pinata, and even some woodland creatures (the theme of the party) masks!  

And now, off to bed as Daylight Savings Time also kicked our butts.  I am secretly glad for it though, cuz now our boys will hopefully sleep until 7:30 AM (normal wake-up) instead of 6:30 AM (new DC wake-up since we've been here).  With the sun coming up later, their eastward facing lack of blackout curtain room may keep them engulfed in a sweet bliss a bit longer.  Here's hoping! 

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