Friday, March 4, 2016

Three Parks in One Day!

I'm so glad we decided to live in Capitol Hill instead of Foggy Bottom. The latter is more hip but less kid-friendly while the former is full of parks and playgrounds every corner we turn! 

The kids are loving every playground we've been to, even if some are practically identical, the innocent child's heart does not judge or discern, it simply enjoys and appreciates! 

Relaxing in our fabulously lighted and spacious row home on Capitol Hill before heading out to Eastern Market and more parks! I have to be better about snapping more photos when out with friends, we made a friend at Church and she took us to Eastern Market and guided us (take that Google Maps! We don't always need you desperately) but in all the fun and learning of where to go and where was good to eat, I left my phone tucked away without a single photo taken of the indoor market. It's small but cute, not quite LA's gentrified Union Market but almost a tiny snippet of it. 
I promised Jordan a treat if he did well at his morning skyped music lesson and he was a little off the wall but he sat through it for the most part. We'll basically be using the power of technology for him every week to continue his Let's Play Music classes, which is awesome because it gives us something structured that didn't go away with the move to DC. 
This is hilarious, I first saw it Sunday at another nearby corner but there are various green spaces throughout the city that basically get donated toys. I'm guessing Craigslist doesn't get much action on the Hill, cuz these grassy patches get the goods! It was kind of gross but worth swinging by for the momentum (Jordan took one look and decided they were not worth playing on, a bit dirty he said). 

So we headed to Lincoln Park where there are two adjacent (practically) playgrounds. As per normal, it was swarming with kids 2 and under and nannies with strollers, and my big kids immediately took notice of the rare other big kids around. It's nice to not worry about huge kids trampling on your baby, cuz the biggest kids there are normally her big brothers and they look out for her for the most part. 
It's supposed to get colder this weekend but we're all hoping for warmer weather cuz three parks in a day is definitely on our list of things to do again! Plus, we also made it to the library story time in the morning! 

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