Thursday, July 5, 2012

Peer Pressure Got Me Here

Nobody wants to jump on a cliff just because everyone else is, but despite knowing how stupid of a decision it would be, I can't help but wonder... well, if everyone has gone off the cliff, who am I going to hang out with? 

Okay, yes - we know peer pressure is bad, bullying is even worse... but there have been some positive results of peer pressure in my life recently.   

My brother came to visit for a few days with his girlfriend and we made a huge pot of curry and chicken and pork katsu (with sauce we also made from scratch!), 
 and then we decided to venture off for a hike in beautiful nature that is Washington,
 and Andy took Jordan in a backpack,
 and Grace went climbing onto a huge mountain followed by my brother, and then Andy and Jordan...
 and so after hesitating and wondering how long they would take, I finally mustered up the courage to climb after them, all the while thinking I am going to die, I am going to die, I hope I do not die, I hope I do not die...
 and guess what?  I didn't die.  But boy, did I think I was.

We were so high up and the wrong footing, and over and into the river, we would have gone.

On our way back, we went down by the swaying bridge before crossing back over.
 and just enjoyed the view (that huge rock is the one we were on TOP of!... eek!),
 and threw some rocks,
And looked out at nature.  

We went to a diner, dive, and drive-by for lunch afterwards, and confirmed we need to adjust our dining out standards while in Washington (still good, just not that good)..., so we went for ice cream and looked at all the pastries, 

and then, we played on the computer with Uncle Ray and ate watermelon, and played on the iPad with Uncle Ray's girlfriend, Grace... life has been good with visitors.  Jordan has had a lot of attention, too much screen time, and lots of fruit.
 And tonight, he will have cheesecake that Grace made us.

And I got much needed help washing all the remaining strawberries from our picking adventures last weekend.
Whew.  It's fun having visitors.  And even more fun to go beyond your comfort zone whilst being peer pressured to go check out the view.

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