Friday, July 27, 2012

We're Not AS Young Anymore...

In the non-Momo world, it is very common for people to get married in their mid to late 20's.  So when I frequented my BFF's wedding this last weekend, it was indeed one of the last weddings out of my good friends (probably two more left) I would attend.  And guess what?  We're old now.

This is how I knew we were getting old.

1) Everyone is a couple.  In my mid 20's, weddings were a fun place to bring the someone you were serious with, but it was a rare thing.  To ask someone to a wedding was basically saying yes, I would marry you.  It's not a big deal anymore, everyone there at the wedding IS with their really significant other.  Crazy how fast that happened.

2) The music on the dance floor is from middle school, high school, college, and post-college/work life, but nothing is from the last year.  When listening to old songs, I commented, "dude, this song is old!" to which my friends responded, "No!  This was about 200....7"  My point exactly, that was a long time ago.  Was there any music from the current top 40 chart?  No sir. This is how we do it.  Too bad it wasn't Friday night.

3) The photobooth did not get used much.  When photobooths became a thing of weddings (maybe three to four years ago), we raided them like teenagers obsessed with Tiger Beat.  We got so much use out of the photobooth, it was almost embarrassing (almost) to see ourselves in every other photo once they were posted (who knew the couple got digital copies?).

We're still young (age is relative to me!) but we're definitely able to look back at events from 2007 and say, that was five years ago!  Anytime you can use a number like 5, 10, 20, 50... it feels like a long time ago.

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