Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yummy Air

It's become customary for Jordan and I to drop by Burger King on our way back from the mall indoor playground to get some fries, because who doesn't love fries?  And with that, a mother-son tradition is born!

The last time we went, we got onion rings too - but Jordan wasn't too fond of these and mummy dearest ate 'em all.  So this time, I thought hard about what I wanted.  The summer weather made me decide on a 12 oz icee.  Oh, how I love icees.  They are sincerely a favorite, especially at our beloved Mann movie theatre growing up in Monrovia.  Oh, they had the BEST icees.  I have also recently discovered Target also carries icees.  Yay for me!

I came home, thinking about how great that icee tasted!  One, because it is dang hot.  Scorching.  Without a layer of smog to shield us from the sun, the rays come down BRIGHT and HOT.  When it isn't raining (it feels like every other day, but hasn't for a week now...), it is SUMMER here and though we can escape to the park and be okay in the shade, the mere walk to the car has me drenched in sweat, wondering where the breeze is and wishing for some indoor A/C, hence our second trip yesterday to the indoor, air conditioned playground in the mall.  Relief was had. Two, because icees are so much better than slurpees.  I told Andy of my newfound appreciation of icees over slurpees and he asked what the difference was.  Taste?  I couldn't quite articulate what it was.

So I googled it this morning.

Icees have more air in them and are supposed to be a mixture of concentrate and plain tap water which is then poured into a machine to freeze it whereas a slurpee is a concentrate mixed with carbonate water pumped into some chamber of a machine that freezes it.  That's why icees don't melt the same way.  If you drink a slurpee really fast (like me), it turns into just ice - and you've sucked up all the flavoring, whereas an icee will just be consumed.  Ironice that icees are named icees instead of slurpees, since icees are easier to slurp and slurpees turn into icees.

In celebration of 7/11 and free slurpees at 7-Eleven (while supplies last), I thought it was important to impart the aforementioned details of an icee versus a slurpee.

 Surveying the scene before partaking of the fun
I love this because you can see how small he really is!

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

Fox loves French Fries too! What's not to love?? :) Miss ya!