Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tell Me About Yourself

There's nothing more intimidating than someone asking you to tell them about yourself, of course, unless it's asking what do you like to do?  I find the question inexplicably hard to answer given the nature of my complex self.  Where do I begin?  Do you want the brief version or the long drawn out, life story?  Part of the issue lies in the fact that I am an over complicator.  That's right, any normal and simple situation, I can magically complicate and over analyze.  Gone are my bitter and single days of over analyzing, over thinking and over doing it as I was lucky enough to land a nice fella willing to bear with my inadequacies for the rest of eternity... but here to stay are the infrequent thoughts that push me into a sea of confusion and question and wonder.  For example, what do I like to do?  Well, let's think about that together now.

I like to do a lot of things.  But in the short time that I have to answer the question, how do I best answer it while structuring it so you will have the most accurate portrayal of me and not think I'm a raging lunatic which I very well may be?

I like to work out.  But then again, when's the last time I actually entered an actual gym and worked out for more than 30 minutes?  I like to dance.  But come on, it's been years since you actually did a pirouette much less danced anything beyond the dance of excitement or victory (when you're right and your husband is wrong hehe).  I like to write.  But really I'm not trying to sell my own blog, in fact I have so many blogs - only one public, a few personal, and a collection of short stories and articles I have amassed over the years all in hopes of one day publishing something more than a blog or online article.  I like to read.  But reading is such a personal thing unless you're in a book club, otherwise it's just you and the book, right albeit you can also recommend books to other people and converse about it nonchalantly, but I don't want the last book I read or am currently reading to represent my entire book taste.  I like to shop.  But I'm in no way a trendy person, nor do I have the energy to go shopping with anyone besides myself, so really I'm kinda anti-social.  I like to read magazines.  But I haven't subscribed to a non-food magazine for years now so my time consists of skimming the latest Us or Shape (which I subscribed to for more than five years!) while waiting in line.  I like to organize.  But I don't want you to think I'm OCD even though I'm a little borderline at times.  I like to cook.  But wait a minute, do I really?  More along the lines of I like to eat but unless someone else is paying, I better learn how to do it myself.  I like to do crafty things.  Occasionally.  But really, moreso when I have to save money or if it's for someone else like bachelorette stuff or baby shower stuff.  I like to clean.  But whoever actually admits that gets sucked into cleaning up for everyone, so why would I ever admit it?!  I like to be pampered.  But I'm not spoiled!  Or I try not to be!  I like music.  But don't make me tell you what type or what bands I like most, I just like good music, even if it has been years since I've been to a concert.  I like board games.  I really do, but it helps even more if I win.  

So what do I really like?!

I like to ask questions.  I like to question myself.  I like to challenge other people.  I like to make sense despite not always making sense.  I like to be grammatically correct.  I like to think.  I like to laugh.  I like to be silly.  I like to be girly.  I like to play dress-up and make believe.  I like to tell stories.  I like the truth.  I like vegetables.  I like fruits.  I like being healthy.  I like curling my hair.  I like taking photos.  I like watching other people sleep.  I like eavesdropping on strangers' conversations.  I like people watching.  

The real question is what do I love?...


Lauren said...

Ha, I love this! And I'm glad I'm not the only one intimidated by that question... I'm a human being, don't break me down into a list of activities!

Sarah said...

You are reading my mind. I've already been thinking about how to answer that question in Texas! It's overwhelming and I over analyze too!

Gena Hopper said...

Best picture ever! (To go with a post). You are many things Daisy C, but for sure curious, thoughtful, honest and direct. We are ever changing and change is sometimes what we need to be free and be transformed from glory to glory.

Larry Williams said...

e-mail, Google news, phillipspost blog. That is pretty much what is good on the internet.