Monday, July 9, 2012

Working Hard or Hardly Working

When I used to work for the Firm, I would find myself wasting time surfing the internet, absorbed in Facebook or someone's blog, shopping for useless items deemed necessary online, and basically NOT working.  I was the best at not working when given the opportunity, and despite the amount of time I spent NOT working, I still worked a lot (as in actual hard work focused time).  It was always just a break I told myself.  A short respite from the hard detailed testing or project management I was used to.  A nice escape away from the stress and frustrations of trying to fix a problem that couldn't be fixed.

Now that I work from home, it's crucial that I spend every waking second of the nap time Jordan takes to work.  And I have been very diligent about doing exactly that, especially after moving to small town, where the opportunity to be whisked away to Ding Tai Fong by my mother does not exist.  There are no family within close proximity to take us out here.  No, here we must admit the reality of our fiscal potential and eat out once a week on our own dime.

But today... for some reason, I cannot bring myself to work.  I feel slothful.  Lazy.  Unwilling to move away from the computer's mindless internet surfing.  Isn't it interesting that they call it surfing when in fact, we exert no energy at all besides our eyes being strained and our fingers clicking on our mouses?  Man, those financial statements look so boring.  How did I ever become an accountant?  Party planning seems way more fun.  Has Q2 has already passed?  Ugh.  It seems more fun to use someone else's money to organize something.  Do I really need to data input and then analyze how we did for the second quarter of the year?  Time is passing way too fast.  What should we have for lunch today? That cowboy hat I blinged for Grace last night (Austin bachelorette this upcoming weekend!) is really cute.  So is the tulle and 99 cent veil I added onto it.

I don't even feel like putting laundry or the dishes away and I usually am genuinely excited to do so.  No.  Today feels like a slow and lazy day.  I'd like to just sit here and do nothing.  Maybe listen to some music and just chill.

Hardly working... definitely.

Grace's bachelorette is almost here!


Lauren said...

Sometimes, you just need a lazy day! My problem is I have too many lazy days...=)

Larry Williams said...

I can relate to this as I have a job with many varied and sometimes impossible things to do. I think that we can't go full speed all the time and so if we don't take the needed breaks, sometimes our mind will take the break for us. Trust me, I am experienced with that phenomenon.