Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Ball...

Initially, the fresh green hills just east of us looked like they were puking slowly.  Little drops of brown, orange and yellow began sprouting up and my So Cal roots and almost entire life spent there might explain my initial confusion.  What was going on?  

Apparently, it was fall starting.  The colors, the beautiful colors, just looked absolutely dreadful to me.  What happened to the lush green hills I was so acquainted with?  

Once I realized Fall wasn't so bad and actually quite gorgeous everywhere else with red, orange, yellow everywhere and cooler more sustainable outside to play type of weather, it really grew on me.  

We found some time to break away from our normal shenanigans in the play room/office and had some fun in the leaves.  

And then we decided it was time to start prepping for our winter sledding adventures.  


Anonymous said...

I don´t understand this blog. There´s nothing interesting but a frivolous family doing common things

SupaFlowaPowa said...

And yet here you are trolling along, what a fabulous life you must lead.