Friday, November 15, 2013

Good Eats With Friends

One of the perks of living in Salt Lake as a Momo is that it's a bit like a hub.  The Momo hub.  So whenever friends come into town to visit, we're here!  Unfortunately, one of the quirks of living in Salt Lake is that almost everyone we know has family here.  So instead of making a lot of new friends or seeing our good friends often, everyone's hanging out with family a lot of the time.  So even though our really good friends from South Pas moved to SLC shortly before us, it's been rare for us to find time to hang out.  Well, we finally got around to it and it happened to be the same weekend our other friends from South Pas would be visiting.  The last time we hung out was Christmas 2012 which was also before two of us had our second babies.  
The last time we met in Salt Lake...  
And less than a year later... with our new additions!
The waffles at Bruges and Waffles... absolutely devine.  
The fries are supposed to be good, but Andy and I didn't try any (and the thought did cross my mind when he asked me what to order that I should advise him to get something sweet and salt, but then I ignored the thought and he only ordered us sweet stuff - lesson learned, content communicate or order yourself and don't trust your hubs hahaha).  
We sat on the deck and fenced our boys in with chairs and let them run amuck.  It's really neat when the kids grow up and are able to interact because less than a year ago, Jordan was the only one walking but now all three were causing trouble...
And a group photo I made into a gif!

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