Saturday, November 2, 2013

Go Cougars!

One of the perks about living in Utah is that we're only 45 minutes from Andy's alma mater.  We made our way over to a pre-season basketball game last Saturday with just the four of us and gave ourselves plenty of time to spend some money (per Andy, contribute to his school) at the BYU bookstore.  

Bubba sporting his new BYU beenie.  
Andy got this ghetto hat (flat bill) from Ross and I don't like it when he wears it, but hey - it looks pretty good on me, like a trucker hat.  Win win.  
Jordan was sooo hungry that he kept pointing to the popcorn at the concession stands.  We finally acquiesced and here he is, thoroughly enjoying his $4 bag of Y (per Jordan, "ra ra") popcorn.  
If BYU got over 80 points, Yogurtland would give us 3 free oz, so as soon as they did.. we made like a check and bounced.  We beat the BYU Momo crowd and enjoyed our free fro yo!

Jordan had so much fun, he wouldn't stop asking us when we could go back.  

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