Monday, November 4, 2013

What Is Custard?

This won't make sense to anyone but me... but I've always thought of custard as the yellow stuff that Chinese people have in the form of pudding with shaved ice or in buns that you get from the bakery.  As a frozen delight?  Not so much.  So the whole concept of frozen custard has quite confused this Asian girl from California, specifically Arcadia Arcasia.  My taste buds can't recognize the difference between frozen custard and frozen yogurt, but it doesn't matter because both are good.. and we've found the next best thing... whatever frozen custard is... with italian ice!  Now italian ice also confuses me a bit.  It's sort of like a soft ice, not hard like shaved ice or as soft as snow ice (a Chinese thing from California only so far...), but flavored ice nonetheless and quite good.  Now pair it with frozen custard, and you have Rita's... a winner!  

We made it over to Rita's for family night a few weeks ago.  Apparently, we weren't the only ones with this bright idea on Monday night (the Momo designated family night), but we beat the rush and enjoyed it.  
I usually am never one to judge in terms of clothing.. I myself have been caught in ludicrous outfits quite often in the name of comfort.. but Andy sort of topped it this night.  I sort of just laughed when I realized what he was wearing: scrubs with a BYU long sleeved work out top and .... sperry topsiders?  Really Andy?  It doesn't get any better than this.  
My favorite part are the pink scrub ties.  
I can't wait until Bubba can enjoy this as much as we all do!  He's not pictured because he was just sleeping.  Sorry Bubs!


Jessica said...

that looks delicious. and when you guys visit WI, I will show you what real custard is. we have it everywhere. yum.

Larry Williams said...

There's a really good place in St. George if you ever pass through called Nielsens Frozen Custard on St. George Blvd across from Cafe Rio. It's the perfect spot while traveling from So. Cal to Provo. It's a Daisy kind of place.