Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Overcoming Fears

We were in St. George this past weekend for the wedding of the missionary who baptized me!  How amazingly wonderful and full circle is that?!  It was AWESOME - more on it later.  On Friday afternoon, between the sealing/luncheon and the reception at night, Andy took Jordan to Pioneer Park which is basically a ton of red rocks to climb.  From the photos Andy took (not pictured here), you'd think he had a pretty amazing time.  Photos can be deceptive....

It wasn't until Saturday, after going to a park and asking Jordan repeatedly if he wanted to go back to the red rocks or bridge (to which he said, "no... no red rocks") and basically forcing him to go by asking him again and again until he changed his answer to yes (I hope my kids don't pick up on that trick), that I was informed of Jordan's initial trepidation the day before.  

Andy said, "it's like night and day" over and over again.  He was enjoying the landscape, hopping and running despite us advising him sternly to WALK please!  He began making up songs about hopping and going on bridges as he was pouncing on the rocks and gravel, like he knew the terrain well.  He would ONLY hold my hand if I asked him to because I needed help - not because he needed assistance.  Bubba also seemed to enjoy it (it was his first time - we stayed in so I could do some work) and I of course, enjoyed it for a while and then wondered when we'd be done.  

Don't wear Sperrys to the red rock park... they get stuck in your shoes!
"Tunnel!"  He climbed through many of these.  
Andy was immensely proud of Jordan for overcoming his fears from just the day before.  In fact, he didn't want to leave and asked us again and again when we'd get to go back to the red rocks.  It made me think of all the things I'm fearful of myself and how scary the "first" time doing something intimidating and difficult can be.  Like having your first baby!  Or your first c-section. Or freshman year of college.  Or that first real job in the real world.  It IS scary the first time.  It DOES get better.  And it IS easier with time.  And better I might add.   So whatever might seem hard (for me right now... cleaning house, cooking new recipes and trying to sew) must only be met with endurance!  That might power to persevere will eventually be met with rewards, if not the next day like Jordan than eventually.

On our way out of the park, our St. George hosts, Becky and Jesse, called us with news that Splash had just opened, the new competitors for Swigs, the PLACE to be in St. George.  Apparently they get their cookies from the same exact bakery in Santa Clara - Cravings, so off we went for some buy one get one free cookies and dirty diet coke (not a fan of the latter folks).  Now normally, I am no fan of sugar cookies.  But boy was I in love.  This piece of heaven was absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to try some of the mock recipes I have seen on Pinterest.  
And that was our Saturday leading up to the BYU game which we watched while chowing down on sugar cookies and In N Out burgers in the comfort of our friend's gigantic mansion.

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