Monday, May 9, 2016

American Indian Museum with Family

On Friday morning after the arrival of Jan, Ike and Jeffrey (this is around mid-April),  the boys only wanted to do two things with everyone.  The first was to hit up the Air and Space Museum and show them all the cool rockets and other stuff.  The second was to take them to their favorite park, Sherwood Recreation Center, a park I never take them to on my own since it's too big.  After everyone had had breakfast and was dressed, we walked over to the Air and Space Museum.  It was sprinkling a little bit, but the wind was really what killed us.  It was freezing!  By the time we got to the museum (a 30 minute walk, maybe 45 with our group), my hands felt like they were going to fall off.  We were so grateful for the warm heat in the museums, but since I can never figure out DC weather and my kids were in shorts. 

Bubba and Dagny fell asleep on the way there but woke up and enjoyed a bit before we walked over to the American Indian Museum to meet Andy for lunch.  For some reason, I only took photos of the American Indian Museum, hence the blog post title.  

 We bought lunch at McDonalds at the Air and Space to bring over to the American Indian cafeteria.  Nobody said anything to us, but yes, we have seen the signs that say no outside food.  Oops!

 We've seen the eskimo igloo exhibit before and it's never been completed.  Andy and I tried to complete it with other parents a few weeks back, but we failed and gave up.  For some reason, on this particular day, a worker walked by as Bubba broke apart the igloo and made some comment about putting it back together.  Jan, Ike, and Jeffrey took it to mean that we HAD to put it back together.  So for the next 30 minutes, they worked extremely hard to put it back together.
 And they did it!  I couldn't believe it and tried to get some photos before it got knocked over again but Jan told Bubba sternly not to break it again.  Five minutes later, another kid broke it.  And then that museum worker went by and made the same comment, and I witnessed as another pair of adults became fearful that they were responsible for putting it back together.  That was when I realized the effort they put in was not voluntary, they thought we'd get in trouble if we didn't put it back together.  Haha...
We walked to Union Station for some ice cream at McDonald's, and while heading there, we walked by Andy's office, the Department of Labor and took a photo to send to him.
He actually got off work in time to meet us, and then we all walked home and ended up having Korean bibimbap for dinner at Let's Mix, a new place on Pennsylvania.  What a great way to start off our weekend with family in town! 

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