Friday, May 6, 2016

All Around Arlington And Some...

This fine Saturday in the past... we made our way to Arlington Cemetery, but not without first swinging by an awesome park.  It was weird being outside of the District and seeing people there without strollers (they just drive here unlike the Hill), but it was an awesome playground that the kids loved.  Playgrounds are really fun with our three now, mostly because they all know how to navigate their way around and it's not as nerve wrecking as before.  

 After working up an appetite, we walked on over to this place for some Peruvian chicken.  It was fantastic and the best part.. it was dirt cheap compared to everything we've had in DC!  All this - a whole chicken - for 20 bucks and some change for drinks, and our entire family was fed (almost.. Dagny fell asleep during lunch)...

Then we walked back to a Metro to make our way over to Arlington Cemetery, the boys were excited because it was the first time they were in a Metro train outside and above ground.  They loved it and kept asking when we could come back.  

It was so hot at Arlington that I got out my umbrella to shield myself from the sun.  I would later lose the umbrella from this action... oh well.  I had never seen JFK's grave or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so it was neat to swing by those.  We also saw the huge amphitheater on our way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  
After exiting the cemetery, a downhill and much better than the zoo exit, we made our way over to Lincoln Memorial, but not without seeing some beautiful springtime tulips (Andy! Take a photo!) on our walk over.  

Bubba fell asleep by this point, so it was just the four of us enjoying Lincoln.  We'd come back again with grandparents so Bubba did get to experience Abe in all his glory later.  I like that there's an elevator to take you up to Lincoln (unlike Jefferson Memorial), and I just love good ol' Abe, so it was fun reading about the Memorial and him downstairs before making our way up via a huge elevator.  

 We didn't take anymore photos after this, but then since we were so close to Foggy Bottom, that we stopped by Trader Joe's to stock up on a bit of stuff and then made our way towards Georgetown to Rose Park Rec Center where we saw a ton of Orthodox Jews hanging out.  I had a fun time watching them and wondering what it must be like to have your Sabbath on a Saturday and have to wear skirts and shirts that cover my elbows everyday.  It made me grateful that my Mormon temple garments are much less restrictive than the Jews.  Andy went on a field trip back to Muncheez to grab the boys dinner and then we enjoyed dinner at the park before heading back home.

I think I clocked in over 20k steps this day, it was great.  I really miss having a whole day out and about.  Even without a strict exercise regiment while in DC, our walking around has more than made up for it.

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