Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

If you live in the District, you probably know a lot of people who work for the government.  On April 28th, it was the government's "bring your kid to work day" and Andy didn't think he'd be allowed to bring his kids since you have to be 8 and up to participate in any of the sponsored activities.  On the morning of the 28th, Jordan picked up the phone to hear Andy tell him he could go to work with him today.  He ran into the bathroom, interrupting my morning alone time, yelling that he was going to work with Daddy today!  Confused and distracted, I had no idea what was going on.  Eventually, I was able to chat with Andy and figure out that we would head to the American Indian Museum with our friends as planned and then drop him off at the Department of Labor afterwards so Andy could take Jordan to lunch.  Bubba, Dagny, and I would head off to McDonald's at Union Station and then go home.  It was a plan!  

And then it started to rain.  So for the first time on my own, I braved the rain with the kids.  Dagny and I were a bit soaked, me a wet dog and her just damp (not as much hair), but the boys stayed dry under our stroller cover (which we probably will never use again in Utah or elsewhere haha).  It was pretty insane, strangers even asked me why I didn't have an umbrella.  "How am I supposed to hold an umbrella while pushing a stroller?" I retorted, only to hear an innocent, "how come?" ... There aren't a lot of people in DC with a lot of kids so most people are just ignorant.  I'm constantly getting comments like "wow, that's a lot of kids" but with a negative air of arrogance from strangers, tourists and locals.  The ones with kids always give me a look of awe and "you are awesome girl" it's like a silent fist pump in the air, and then there are the security guards or Capitol police who are always so exceptionally kind and understanding.  I love them.  They are always so nice to my kids too, always telling them how cute they are or asking them how their day is.  They make the negativity from others all okay! 

I think we forget to give our kids one on one time, this was a reminder that they need it.  It's always fun to have the whole family together, but I think Bubba also enjoyed some alone time with Mommy and Dagny.  When a friend came over to say good-bye later that day, she asked Jordan about how his day with Dad was at work and before Jordan could respond, Bubba explained that he also had a date with Mommy and Dagny.  So cute.

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