Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sunday with the Phillips

This would be our last Sunday at the Capitol Hill Ward.  Even as I'm recapping on DC, I get all sorts of feels because while Orlando is sunny and we are living in a resort and hitting up Universal almost everyday for two weeks, I am lacking human contact.  I am what you might call.. a little lonely here in Orlando.  But I'm glad DC happened first, because having friends I saw almost everyday and felt totally comfortable just texting what's up, park later today? helped me get out of my comfort zone and explore more, which makes braving the theme park for 4-5 hours on our own before Andy meets us up after work, all the more doable.  

Now that we're doing Universal everyday, my time is also busy with serving my kids breakfast, packing lunch and dinner, doing the dishes and laundry, a tiny bit of learning for Jordan, and giving them baths in the morning.. but more on that later. 

So this was our final Sunday at Capitol Hill!  It's crazy how tall Dagny has grown during the two months we've been here, this skirt hasn't been adjusted but it is slowly getting shorter since those few months before we got to DC.  

A few weeks ago when my Dad was here, I kept making him stop to take photos of the beautiful pink flowers in the trees.  This was a few weeks after the cherry blossom bloom but the other stuff blooming around was breathtaking as well.  Then, as we were walking, I noticed it was all starting to pile up on the floor!  How crazy... and then a few weeks later, everything was just super duper green.  So of course, we had to do a "instagram floor" shot.

Back at our row home, we had leftover Philly Chinatown food, mostly a ton of chicken and noodles mixed with the leftovers we scored from dinner.  Then, we pulled out the sofa bed and relaxed and watched The Karate Kid.  

After some down time, we decided it was time to explore the memorials.  

The boys enjoyed chalk in the backyard with OGO who drew them both before we were on our way.
And then we headed off to Lincoln Memorial via Foggy Bottom, Vietnam War Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and then back home by the Monument via Smithsonian.  I really can't believe how well I know the area now, it's kind of fun taking our family around as if we were locals.

I logged in about 20K in steps that day.  What a great way to end the weekend.  

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