Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Grandparents Come to DC

Andys' mom and dad came for a few days while we were still in DC to visit, and they arrived on Bubba's birthday! We celebrated his birthday with a trip to District Donuts before heading to Philly on a whirlwind trip to see Andy's uncle and aunt, Edmond and Anna, who live in Westchester. 

It was the perfect time to escape DC for a bit as the downpour came shortly after Bubba and Andy got home. May and Dennis rented a car and as soon as they got to our place, off to Philly we went!

After meeting up with Edmond, we headed to a nearby mall for a late lunch around 2 PM, then made our way to pick up Anna from work and off to Chinatown where we... surprise... ate again!  There's something about family and eating that just go together.  So after Anna showered my kids with snacks and bought us a steamed chicken and some noodles, and after I picked up some Hello Kitty stuffed animals (seriously, you don't know how much you miss them until you move somewhere that doesn't have a Sanrio store!), we headed to dinner at 5 PM! Haha!!
duckface in front of the ducks?

We were able to drive by the new Philly temple which looks amazing.  Too bad we're not around for its open house.  

Then, as we were leaving for dinner, Andy revealed that he hadn't eaten much at dinner because he was saving room for philly cheesesteak.  We went over to Geno's and Pat's and he braved the line for Pat's.  He talked to some locals and asked them which was better, they said - whichever has the shorter line haha but then him and another local said that Pat's seems to give a bit more meat, so win win.  Plus, that's Jeff and Tammy's favorite and they lived over there while Jeff was in law school and Tammy was getting her masters.  

We went to a park nearby while Andy munched on his sandwich.  Jordan was a little confused about why Andy didn't get him a sandwich.  All he ate at dinner was rice even though he normally likes Chinese food.  Maybe the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree after all (there's this story I've heard a million times about how Andy never ate Chinese food growing up, he would just sit there and his parents would get him Taco Bell afterwards... haha, too bad life got him back and he has to have Chinese about once a week, if not more, with me!)  

And the... back to DC we went.  

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