Thursday, May 5, 2016

Nationals Game Without a Phone

This is how the Thursday started.

As per usual, we woke up and had breakfast.  I was making the bed when I gave Dagny the phone to play with.  Since we were in a row home with a tall staircase, I liked having her with me if I left the boys downstairs to play and the phone kept her occupied so she'd stop climbing all over the bed and this big treasure chest that was in our room.  I guess I forgot she had the phone as I moved towards loading the laundry.  The laundry machine is outside of the bedroom and right above the staircase.  At some point, she started pointing downstairs with a grunt of some sort.  And that's when I knew it happened.  My iPhone had fallen down the VERY TALL flight of stairs.  Oh no.

I found the phone on the floor face down.  The screen was half gone (on the left) but since I have imessage on my computer, I was able to get in touch with Andy.  The plan we came up with was for me to go by the Eastern Market Ifixit Store, or to Georgetown to the Apple Store.  Along the way, since I didn't have my phone to show my game tickets, I also had to swing by a FedEx store to print the tickets.  And then, I'd have to navigate to the Nationals Stadium and meet up with Andy after work without a phone.  It was going to be an adventure...

So we went towards Eastern Market to get our tickets printed out at FedEx, and then we decided to go to Georgetown since the IFixitStore was more expensive and would take about 2 hours to fix my phone.  Off to Foggy Bottom and Georgetown I went with my three kids.

Upon arrival at the Apple Store, I was drenched.  It was a beautiful sunny day out.  The kids enjoyed playing at the ipad kid station while I worked out details on the phone.  Without an upgrade discount, the phone I wanted was about $800 dollars, so in a flurry, we left without a new phone and headed to the ball game.  A transfer and some comments about "how brave I was" later, we made it to the stadium around 3 PM.  The game started at 4 PM and it opens 2 hours before, so we enjoyed the playground without many kids while I asked around for a pay phone.  They don't exist anymore!  I ended up borrowing someone's phone from Guest Services to let Andy know we were there and we could meet him at our seats... but I felt a little helpless and scared.  I was also a bit perturbed I couldn't take any photos of the kids on the sweet slide at the playground.  Oh well.

We met up with Andy and his lawyer, our buddy Greg, and Greg's wife, Shannon, and we enjoyed the ball game with some sweet seats right in back of Bryce Harper.  We witnessed his 100th home run and first grand slam, and almost caught the ball (it landed right in back of us).  Andy and Greg both got photos of us in the stands.. you can see Dagny and Jordan in the video.  I almost got a ball that Bryce threw to our area but this big guy trampled over me and since I was holding Dagny, I decided not to sacrifice my child and let him have it.  Not without muttering jerk.  Andy was surprised he didn't give us the ball, like we had witnessed our good friend Bryan give the ball to a kid who was also going after it... oh well.

all our kids would yell BRYCE! even Dags (Bryyy)

that kid in the shadow on the bottom right is Jordan.. 

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