Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We Love Georgetown

One of my favorite places to stroll through is Georgetown, mostly cuz it's filled with retail therapy, but also because we always have a fun time filling ourselves on cupcakes.  The news that Sprinkles had come to DC also made us happy.  Cupcake connoisseurs we are definitely not, nor are we cupcake enthusiasts in the very least, but there's something about being in DC that makes us go overboard with cupcakes.  I think it's because five years ago when we went with Andy's family to celebrate his parent's 30th anniversary, we went overboard trying cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes, Crumbs, and Baked and Wired.  From then on, we couldn't look back and a tradition was created.  

We started our Saturday out by heading over to Georgetown for some lawn bowling.  We had no idea it was actually a lot more yuppie of an activity once there.  The place was called Pinestripes and it was like the Lucky Strike of bowling in DC.  They asked if we wanted anything to eat or drink and being it was right about noon when we were done, we bounced out of there so fast to avoid the over priced hoity toity food.  We found ourselves back at Munchieez, a favorite from our trip with Andy's family five years ago.  It was just as good as we remembered from five years ago, but they had some new art of the wall so we had to take photos.  

Then, we made our way over to Baked and Wired.  Apparently, we were not alone.  Locals in line kept complaining about how the "tourists" probably found out about this place now.  Andy said they were full of themselves since the line at Georgetown Cupcakes was still two times longer.  Reality shows can go a long way to promote a brand.  I'm surprised nobody was at Sprinkles, but if you're not from LA, it's probably not as much of a name as it is there.  Or if you don't watch Cupcake Wars because hello... need I say more?!

We didn't mind the wait.  What else did we have to do?  No money to shop in Georgetown anyway, plus the cobblestone roads were not only old and wobbly and narrow, but the entire sidewalk was slanted so it made stroller pushing really hard with our group.  

I made Jordan take a photo in front of this pink bike which looked a lot more deflated than it had five years ago.  I meant to grab a photo of my nieces Sophie and Violet who were right next to it five years ago (Jordan was carried by OGO cuz he was only 1 then), but couldn't find it.  I'll update if I do later...

After enjoying cupcake tops (except for Dagny, she eats the bottoms of our cupcakes), we got some Easter stuff for the boys' baskets from Grandma, decided to "treat yoself" with some Sprinkles cupcakes (we are loyal to LA) and headed to a nearby park, Rose Park Recreation Center.  This place was so awesome, we would return later as well.

Cherry blossoms lined the big lawn by one of the playgrounds and it was just beautiful.  I had to take some photos.  I can't believe how quickly they go.  A couple of weeks later when we returned, everything here was green.  I'm so grateful we were in DC during the cherry blossom bloom because it really is something else.  Absolutely breathtaking.

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