Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lil Things That Make My Day - #1

Work has still been extremely taxing on me (would be a pun if I actually did tax auditing), but I can't lie, having the flexibility to go home, make (50% of the time) and have dinner with Andy, scripture study, and then return to work remotely has been a huge blessing. And what really makes my day, is coming home to this.

a) our lights
b) the bed made
c) my Hello Kitty collection (missing a duck but not sure where he went)
d) the photo of Andy above

Well... it is... the bed! I do like the photo of Andy, but I get the real thing in person, so...

It's always interesting to talk amongst friends and find out who likes to make their bed and who doesn't. There is no correlation between those who do or don't to being a go getter or a sloth. It really just varies! I know a TON of people who refuse to make their beds in the morning, husband included. But I get a big kick out of it and rarely do I not make it because it just makes me feel like it's time to start the day, and when I come home and head straight for the bedroom to change out of my work clothes and into my lounge clothes, I like seeing it this way versus with the sheets all strewn. I know it makes no difference as you have to unmake it to get into it for sleep, but I still like it! It brings a huge smile to my face and it just looks so much prettier and inviting than an unmade bed.

I will say, I'm not a huge pillow person - except for the guest room. Who cares - the guests are barely there - so of course a TON of pillows only make sense! Growing up, I always had 5-6 pillows to adorn my bed and I loved it, but my brother was on the fence about the pillows my mom put into his room. I personally LIKE it! The only downside is they sit on the floor at night - so instead, our pillows have moved to the couch (along with all the clothes that reside on it quite often because who really washes their jeans or lounge pants everyday?!).

Is it weird that I make my bed in the morning? Is it odd that I like pillows on the bed to make it look more festive (albeit it does get in the way when it's time to sleep!)?


Chris and Paige Evans said...

We make our bed every morning (or really I make it). I love the feeling of getting into a clean looking bed every night.

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Word!!!! Andy used to only make his bed at night so he could get into it, but my thought is - why not just make it in the morning and enjoy it all the way up until bedtime?!

Ailinh said...

Nope, not weird. I love making our bed! And I totally agree. Making the bed really does give a kick start to my day. Especially now that we upgraded from a full to a queen... to fluff the pillows and make the sheets all good and ready for the evening gives the bedroom that much more "oomph".