Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Work Gets You Down...

Three big to do's on my plate.
Two back to back 11 hour days.
One massive budget worksheet that doesn't want to reconcile.

One large meeting in 8.5 hours to prep for.
Two spreadsheets to double check before submission which was EOB Tuesday - oops.
Three migraines the size of Timbuktooo (sp?).

Three kisses from my husband tonight.
Two reminders that we needed to do our companionship study.
One whining pregnant woman frustrated that work was not even CLOSE to being done at 10:30 PM.

One supportive husband.
Two working people (my son counts right?)
Three breaths to calm down.

I know to be of good cheer - no matter what situation I'm put in. I know attitude beats out everything and I know my light at the end of the tunnel is dim, but gets brighter with each step I take and that Heavenly Father is helping me recharge the batteries on my solar flashlight.

Three more days until the weekend.
Two more days of deadlines.
One more big project that may seep into my weekend.

One thing at a time.
Too much to think about!
Three BYU games this week?....?!

Stay positive. Be of good cheer.


Genny said...

oooOOooo how poetic. :) Sumner's got three arterial streets (one of which is called main st.) the rest are residential streets. If I'm itching for the city, I can take the local train all the way to Seattle's city center. 40 min. I'm excited for that. I'm not in the middle of nowhere,or I'd die, hehe. There are nearby cities.

Jessica said...

i thought being at the hospital 5 times a week working 8 hours shifts and writing this 15 page paper was bad. the things we put ourselves through. well the weekend is almost here! can't wait. too bad we don't live closer because we could pout together! miss you guys.

SupaFlowaPowa said...

@Genny - hahahaha. Take the train to Seattle, can't believe you're in podunk town.

@Jessica - I think you have it worse cuz you have to deal with blood! eeek! Come visit, misery loves company hehe.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Good luck! And thanks for reminding me that no matter how tempted I am to gripe, it could be worse. ;)

This too shall pass!

Jeff said...

Funny, you know in my job EOB stands for Edge of Bed (as in the patient sat at EOB for 5 minutes unsupported...) I don't think that is what you meant!

It will get better, busy sucks, but accomplishing it shows you that you can survive crap and be strong. Love you!