Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Return of the Fruit Flies!

For a while, our fruit fly problem was history (past issue). Somehow, the cedar balls around the fruit bowls seemed to have helped. The self made fruit fly trap was out of a bottle that was too big (I used an apple cider bottle), so I'm not sure if it truly worked but I saw less of the flies, so that counted for something.

Then lately... they seemed to be back and more than before! I couldn't figure it out. My fruit was either in the fridge or protected by a cedar ball. Where were they procreating? And then... yesterday, I discovered it!

We have a can that we keep by the stove to store all the used and excess oil from cooking. And recently, I used a piece of paper towel to wipe up some of it, and then just tossed it into the can. This basically created a breeding ground of fruit flies!

Andy threw it away and as he did, he commented that there were quite a bit of fruit flies in there. You see, as part of my research on fruit flies, I noted that they like moisture - so if you have sponges, ring 'em dry at night, if you have dishes in the sink, clear 'em out before you go to sleep.

Ick - let's hope they're really gone now!

It reminds me of Satan. We know he's out there, we know he will tempt us and mislead us, but even knowing all that, knowing how to keep ourselves safe and free of his influence, and doing the right things to shield ourselves, does not fully protect us! We may inadvertently find that we are in a situation once it's too late, where he has the power - where he multiplies and breeds easily. We just have to be on the lookout, even if we think we know how to defeat him! And then, upon discovering our own weaknesses, we not only throw him out, but we hold on to the strong principles and faith that we have - I busted out my cedar wood balls immediately and placed 'em around the source of fruit flies, where the can used to be. Beware fruit flies, we are onto you!

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