Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Upside of Being Prego

It's easy to complain about the nausea, the loss of appetite, regaining of appetite, fluctuation of appetite, weird cravings, constant cravings, migraines, bloating, swelling, fatigue, muscle cramps, ligament stretching, heartburn, off limit food lists, and loss of ordinary wardrobe malfunction... but today, as I was talking to my BFF about the downside of the only just beginning third trimester, she said, "sounds like fun.... can't wait," tainted with sarcasm. I then immediately began to shower her with the upside of being pregnant, but upon doing so - realized how negative it is to only talk about the horror of being prego and not the joys of it.

There is an upside to being pregnant! The most obvious upside won't happen until after I see the baby and fall absolutely in love with him, but there are other current joys. There are pink parking spaces (of which I have not used yet) at malls, nice strangers all around abounding with suggestions and advice as well as congratulations, and everybody at work and in general are nice, understanding and always asking you how you are doing. To top it off, there is something unbelievable about the baby kicking which not only reminds you that there is something you are growing inside of you (not bowel movement related) but that the miracle of life is crazy insane and you are a part of it! And there's so much more to be joyful about too!

Joy comes with complaining about the extra pink glazed and sprinkled doughnut you ate that are empty carbs and not good for the baby but that you know will just get tacked onto the rest of the weight gain known as the baby. Joy comes with wearing your stretchy pants and a t-shirt every weekend and not really caring since nothing else fits and this looks the best on you! Joy comes with the glow in your skin and the fast growing hair and nails. Joy comes with patiently knowing the growing bump is actually going to be crying, pooping, crawling, walking, and talking to you soon - and it will be way too soon! Joy comes with the charity your husband is showing more than ever and more than before because your bump is getting in the way of you walking properly (just say it with me ... w-a-d-d-l-e) and carrying heavy Costco boxes filled with purchased goods. Joy comes with knowing you can already play with the baby by pulling up a flashlight to your still stomach in the dark and feeling him suddenly kick. Joy comes with the excitement of growing your family. Joy comes with the abounding gratitude you feel when you realize your baby's wardrobe is growing on its own only with the help of family thus far.

Joy comes with the baby, despite the freak out, oh my goodness, I can't do this, how did everyone else do it, I will mess up, moments that are more constant. Those moments may be around more - but they are endearing and build character. So joy to the upside of being prego. Joy!


Janet said...

I'm visiting your blog from seeing you on
What a darling couple!!

Water storage: we just finally started buying a gallon of water here and there. Make sure that the container is stronger than the 'milk jug' water type container.....those eventually leak.
Hugs from a sister mormon!!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Thanks Janet! You're too sweet - as for water storage, thanks for the advice! We saw 55 gallon containers being sold on but we are thinking of getting a gallon here and there just like you're suggesting - thanks!!

stacyjulian said...

I really enjoyed your story on and just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on your growing family!

Janet said...

Would this be of help to you??
I was thinking about young couples getting their storage....if I were advising someone on storing, this would be the levels:
1- water first
2- 90 day supply
3- year of basics (easiest way would be_12 "starter kit" cases per person_from lds home storage center) plus oil (must rotate yearly) and/or olive oil (Ex. Virg. Olive Oil has a 10 year shelf life, but upon opening, must store in fridge if near 10 years old); and dry milk in the #10 cans (need 4 to 6 per person for a yearly minimum)
4- enhance the basics with other dried foods you like/use, some of which the home storage center offers.


Janet said...

PS.....extra virgin olive oil, even though must be kept in cool/dry place just as other storage foods....still needs to be covered for complete darkness.....such as put it in a large brown paper bag.

Janet said...

Well, after putting those last 2 comments on here, I thought it would be a good idea to add a detailed version on my blog. Here it is if interested, Janet

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Thank you so much Janet! That is such great and useful information for us as we start our storage. Do you have a supply of food that you eat through and consistently replenish, the canned goods for example? I'm going to check out your blog for more help!

Janet said...

Yes, we do have a supply we rotate and replace. For each family, that will be different depending upon likes/dislikes.

1- sit down together and make a list of a few favorite foods or meals, then figure out how you can integrate those into storage plans
2- work to create a taste for basic foods, and integrate them into your recipes/meals.

For example, pizza; slowly got my family used to having part whole wheat flour in our pizza crust. Made my own sauce. Then bought extras of pizza making ingredients for pantry/fridge/freezer.

One new recipe a week to try new recipes/ideas from basics, then if we like it, we implement that recipe and the ingredients into meal plans and storage. It is a process!

I now work from a list of basics, and out from there.....but it took some time to make changes in our tastes to include more whole grains, dry beans....etc.

Here's our basic list:
Other grains of choice
Unbleached flour
Dry beans
Lentils: brown/green cook the same
Dry milk: mostly used in cooking
Sweetener/sugar of choice
Eggs/dried eggs/dried egg whites
Oil: cooking and ex.virg. olive oil
Vegetables: started out with just storing 2 kinds that we used most often
Fruits: again, we chose 2 kinds used most often to start with
Meats: chose what we used most often and froze some, also bought some canned
Salt and pepper
Yeast/baking powder/baking soda

PLUS the real secret has been keeping a plethora of flavorings, spices, herbs, seasonings, etc. etc. to enhance basics