Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why HellooooOoooOo Dandruff!

Let it be known that pregnancy causes weird things to happen. One of them is dry skin. I'm sure it's hormone related as mostly everything is. So these days, my scalp is rather dry, and guess what?! It's time to say, "Why, hellooooooOooOo dandruff!"

It hasn't gotten really bad - but when my hair is on day two (assuming day one = washed, day two = unwashed), it gets oily and somehow... dry! Is that even possible, aren't they mutually exclusive? Isn't oil supposed to be moisture related? Well.... short answer - NO! My oily mcoil + flaky mcflakster = grossy mcgross! The difficult part is, the itchier it gets, the more I want to scratch and it's like Christmas in Utah on my head.

My dermatologist doc friend has recommended Head n Shoulders, but since he has a HUGE bottle he can give us for free, we have not yet dived into our budget to make this worthy purchase nor have we stopped by his apt (10 minutes away only.. I know, we're lazy) to pick up the much needed bottle.

This got me thinking about how we are told not to judge a book by its cover because I've always had issues with the phrase. Though I agree with the theory, I still will probably avoid a book that is stinky and falling apart and will probably give me a virus, a book that is lewd on the cover and implies something bad on the inside, or a book that is so dull, even the title screams CURE FOR INSOMNIA. All of these seem like legit approaches to the said statement, but there's always the - what if inside the dirty book is something clean, what if inside the disgusting book is something uplifting, what if inside the dull book is something interesting?! Well, I'll take my chances and wait for a book review.

Wait, but should we not avoid making conclusions based on just the outer appearance? Agreed. Or should we be cautious about what to expect on the inside from what we see on the outside, and in essence, be a bit biased? Semi-agreed.

I think applied to real life, we have to be careful about the perceptions that come with just the premise of what's on the outside, but we also should realize there are other factors that may be contributing to whatever we do see on the outside so our outside conclusion may not always be accurate or even fair. Limiting the conclusion to just a sense of sight may be limited to see beyond what is on the outside, which is why it's nice to also have the Spirit to help guide you.

We cannot be naive to the point that we do not protect ourselves from what our eyes are able to see but having the Spirit makes it that much easier. If I see a homeless man on my way walking to work who is demonstrating signs of schizophrenia, I will be cautious as I walk by him and hope that the Spirit will direct me either way. I know we are taught that ultimate judgment is only made by God, that we should not judge ourselves, but that does not mean we should not be aware of the things presented to us based on what we do see? Is it one in the same?

At work... I can conclude that the outfit, hairdo or shoes of someone are not work appropriate and give constructive feedback because we have a dress code and as someone semi-part of HR (though unofficially), it is part of my job to give meaningful and real feedback. However, I cannot conclude that the person's work ethic sucks because their shoes are scuffed. I cannot conclude the attitude is carelessness because there is a cut in the skirt that is seemingly too high and not fit for the professional work place.

So... I'm not sure what it all means and I know it's an endless debate but I do know I'm grateful for the Spirit to help me so that my eyes aren't the only ones doing all the work. I have my other senses too - but the Spirit is the best one.

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